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Life Right Now

Life right now is not good. I have superficial blood clots. As in not life threatening but very painful. Though it doesn’t help that every time I talk about them everyone wants me to go to the emergency room. though I show no warning signs of any other serious complications from blood clots. I do have an appointment on Thursday to check to make sure I actually don’t have anything else going on other the stuff on the surface. Yes my job is killing me. The fact that I’m on my feet everyday not really moving is probably the big reason I’m having this problem now. Its not as easy being as a cashier as you may think. And the pain in my feet is the least of my worries at the end of the day.

As for my debt situation, every time I think I maybe doing ok I seem to get further behind. And its killing me mentally. I have no clue how to get above all of this mess. I just want out and yet can’t get there. I am trying to sell stuff on ebay in hopes to make some money but I can only sell it for the cost of shipping. At this point in my life I just can’t seem to win.

I have nothing today of you should try out if you want to make a little extra money. Sadly I’ve been slacking in that part this last week. But I’ll throw out once again a little thing I keep trying to sell yet really not good at is Tupperware. They do have some cute Easter stuff out right now.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.


Hmmm. I find I’m not very good at this blog everyday thing. Actually suck really well at it. But today was not a bad day. Got four more hours today since there was a call out. Went on a nice two hour walk with my Friend Andiy. Then my parents stopped by to visit and check on me. Got to go out to a new restaurant. Freddy’s ( ok food. Not going to rank it high on my place to stop at often but need a different fast food place not too bad). Got some much need restock on meat. And murder some veggies for lunch and dinner tomorrow (Fajitas Bekah Style). So really good day over all.

Hmmm. Another one I somehow got a subscription to cosmo. I didn’t order it nor have a clue who, but I seem to have a couple years subscription. I guess someone decided I needed it.

Hmmm. Five years at Fred Meyers. I get to choose a gift from this catalog they sent me. So many choices and I’m not very good at making such things.

So the thing to check out today is a site called UVIOO. If you like to share You Tube videos then this this site pays you to do that. You can pay to upgrade and make more money. Or just be like me and go on every other day and search through videos and share stuff you like. When people click on your link of the video you shared you make some more money. Pretty easy to make a little extra cash.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

Fun With A Friend

Today was a day off. So tried to sleep in but my cats weren’t having it. And then started doing some work on the closet that I’m turning into kind of an office corner so I can close the door and make the mess disappear. Then my friend was ready for some fun. Started off with a nice walk. Then lunch At Burger King. Then back to her house for her exercise routine and me video taping it and making fun. Then off for dinner and well deserve ice cream. With some jump rope fun.


Dinner Date

My phone is giving me fits so can’t actually show off our video fun. But I did post some on my twitter.

Today’s deal to check out is If you like to get free samples and then give your opinion this site is really good. Each month you can choose 3 different stuff to sample and give your opinion on. Love it and so do my cats since the last few times they got to try new treats and cat food.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

Letting out Some Steam

Letting out steam. Today was not too bad other then it started out about 2-3 am this morning, having the crap scared out of me. So I didn’t have my door latched all the way. And the new cat came through the door hard enough that it swung all the way open. Waking myself and the other two cats out of dead sleep. Had us freaked out for awhile and even scared her. Though did find a mess left for me upstairs. Which meant shopping today was buying another litterbox so everyone can have their own. Cats just need to train them to use the toilet.

So work I opened. I work at Fred Meyer as a cashier. Such a fun job. And there is ton more stuff we have to do then ring up your purchases and bag if you ever want to know. But having to be at 6:45 to have everything ready for the doors and being a day before Valentines I was still putting tills in as well as taking care of customers. And lunch I was tired. I actually had to put my head down and sleep a moment. But it went pretty good up to one weird customer. We have express lanes the sign says about 12 and our about and yours are different I’ll just let you know. But I had a lady walk up and say she had 14 items if that was ok. And my answer was 14 that’s about 12 its ok to come. And she’s pulls out and says ok I’ll go to another register and I’m trying to tell her I said it was ok but having none of it.  Really nice way to ruin your day.

So end this with a site I’ve been trying to figure out. Its one that you actually do offers money or free ones and you get paid extra for doing them. As well as another part that if you refer people and collect point you can actually win free cool gifts. Of course I completely suck at doing all of that but if you are interested in joining. There is a no credit card site as well its the one I’m kind of doing.  Its called FreeFactor. I have yet to find any site that is just earn lots of money by actually doing nothing or completely free. Still looking. Oh yes I like to always put these are my referral links so if you sign up your helping me out, but no hard feelings if you just want to google it and find it another way.

So with a little steam let out I’ll finish eating my ice cream and continue the quest of finding the millions of dollars that we all hope to win.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

Another Day at the Peanut Factory

Another day at the peanut factory, ie my job. Keep reading that says best to post everyday. Not been very good at that. But I’ll try better. Haven’t found anything else that really help with whole make money thing via blogging, but yesterday I did talk to a couple banks and one may actually help reign in some of the debt into one payment. Also finished my taxes up so that will help. Read on Pinterest an interesting article about making money by doing review if you are any good at that.

So with Valentines this Sunday. My job has been rather busy selling flowers, cards, candy, and balloons. Always interesting when a holiday is coming up. And the people, mostly nice. Actually no real cranky ones today. But as the holiday gets closer they will get kind irritable since we will be running low on some of the stuff they’d like to buy for their Valentine’s. Though it is interesting to see what the guys get and how much they will spend. Had a dude the other day spend almost a $100 on a flower arrangement. Just crazy in my opinion. This year my valentine’s was probably having my friend take me on a date. And me surprising her with a little sass on twitter. Still couldn’t invoke a response from Sam (oh one of my new year resolutions was to have a conversation on Twitter with a famous person.

Home front is the cats are a little more relaxed since adding the new one in the mix yesterday. No awesome play and hangout with each other yet. But that always takes a few days to completely trust each other. But her new name is Lady Elizabeth Smallwood or Izzie for short. And if you are a BBC Sherlock fan who would that she be?

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

New fresh Ideas….

New fresh ideas are great just don’t have me click on a link that’ll send me to someone else’s website. Kind of running this blog on my experiences of the world I’m traveling through as I figure out this online money making machine.

So rant over was coming on to talk about another site I’ve found that actually been good. It would be better if I’d take more time and do some of the stuff, but if you are beginning here’s a link to Wealthy Affiliate:, yes it’s my personal referral not a clue what I get if click on that. But this site has free section which will help you get started in making websites and finding traffic and all the other lovely stuff to go along with this. There is also a premium paid part, which I haven’t joined that gives tons more options. But since I’m rather broke right now can’t personally try it out. So bored and try something new take a peek.

As for fresh new ideas. Leave some in a comment just don’t say click on this link or I shall delete you.

Oh fun note. Helped a friend out by taking her cat. A beautiful Burmese. The rest of the household is still adjusting. But she has found a new favorite place to sleep. Hopefully though she has wondered enough to find the “hidden” litter boxes and we won’t have too many accidents. Also had some friend time and got some much need bank business done.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

Spam Comments, We all probably get them. But some are just interesting to read. Like the one I just deleted. Telling me everything I’m doing wrong and the only thought running through my head is I have no clue what you are talking about. Actually have no clue really what I am doing period. I just come check to see if everything is working right, try to fix it if not, via a lot of help searches, and type some random post. At this point making no extra money. Need to go on to the other site and figure out this traffic thing, which I’m so lacking. And see if we can get this up and going better. Though even with that spam I’m actually happy someone is actually reading this. It does mean it gets out there somehow and people do kind of glance at it.

So everything keeps telling to add a link. So link for post this post:

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.