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JC Chasez

JC Chasez May 31, 2016

JC Chasez one of nsyncer I still follow.

So was trying to update my website and it took way longer then I thought it would. Hopefully it looks better. At least all my links are posted on the top of the page. And starting a new affiliates program through Amazon. We will see how well I do with this. It can’t hurt I guess we will see if we can make money off this one.

My cats love this stuff. And I buy this stuff a lot.

JC ChasezMy crazy cats hiding under the bed I made for them.

JC Chasez Coming home from visiting a friend who has a dog. Getting inspected because I smell weird. All three of them followed me around for an hour. Wandering what I did and who I played with.

Also think I got a newsletter up and running. Tell me how it goes…

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Blast from the past
I think it is easier to fear what friends think, because they watch you to see when you make mistakes when you have a decision to make your thoughts first turn to what your friends may think.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.
RObert Carlyle

Robert Carlyle May 29, 2016

Robert Carlyle Once Upon a Time villain and plays a really good one.

So my post is still being liked. Like 119 times so far. Nutz and crazy all at the same time.
Robert Carlyle

Today was a crazy day. Early morning for me. Mostly had later shifts this week then and had this one day at 9 am. And it was busy. Lots of really big baskets for the weekend fun. Allergies are still bad at work. Only a couple more days left and the flowers will be moved. Then its onto the remodel that will be another bit of fun.

This show is so weird. The Messengers: A group of strangers who are killed by a mysterious object soon come back to life and learn they have been chosen to prevent the apocalypse. Interesting but weird. I guess goes with everything else I watch.

Gofundme anyone just want to help a poor girl out?

Blast from the past

A true friend stands beside you through thick and thin. They understand you and what you believe in and won’t try to bring you down, but brings you up.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

R.L. Stine May 28, 2016

R.L. Stine Goosebumps. What person doesn’t like those stories.

So Paid off one debt today. And then posted a small post on MCP Facebook page the likes were crazy the most then I have ever had. Its rather crazy. It was my smallest one. R.L. Stine

So coming to the conclusion that I’m really allergic to work. I’m not that bad when I’m home but at work I feel like I’m dying. My whole head is in a bubble and my whole body aches. Hopefully it won’t be so bad after memorial day when the flowers aren’t behind me. But then it’ll be remodel time which probably won’t be any better. Though the legs are doing better, other then being sore at night they are holding up good. Which is a good thing because I need to get on the bandwagon and start making more money. Lots of new people means our hours are going to be cut again.

Changed my Gofundme account to be a tad better.

So the blast from the past comes from a binder I found. Stories poems journal stuff all kinds of stuff I found. First is a the last thing in the last notebook.


What is crazy?
Is it someone who is not normal?
Are you crazy because you think and do things different?
If it’s so, then aren’t we all crazy?
All the greatest people are crazy.
All the criminals are crazy.
Because they don’t do what society considers normal.
Which person do we go by that’s normal?
Where does normal end and crazy start?
If crazy is not normal then I want to be crazy.
But then what is normal?

Dear Reader,
I have a warning for you. Set your limit now. Choose you this day… We have been given guide lines on what we should do. FOLLOW THEM. They are here to protect you from evil.
Great people fall because they wouldn’t follow what the guidelines the LORD gave us.
No we can’t hide from all evil things, but as you follow the guide lines you can out ran them.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.
Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel May 26, 2016

Emily Deschanel. Bones… Caught up with the new episodes finally. Kind of got off the whole watching Netflix and Hulu for a tad. Still not really into watching too many shows but its a nice way to relax at night now. Watching the weird show Slashers right now. About a woman that returns to her home town where her parents were killed and then a copy cat serial killer starts going around town.

Well its Red Nose Day. Put on those red noses and take a picture. For fun.
Emily Deschanel

So Andiy came over and did laundry. Then we looked at the flat she’s thinking about moving to. Its actually quite nice and will do her real good for a year. And then a little food at Red Lobster and some fun with her challenges. Of course my phone wouldn’t work at first. Many fun videos of her out there again.

Work was fun. Stupid flowers messing with my head more then my cold already is. Also kind of mowed the front. Need to get the side of the porch but didn’t want to mow so need to go out pull grass out with that drain the grass is much bigger. Really want to get rid of it and do a rain barrel and rocks.
Still need money. Scottish Dragon. Also made new bummer stickers should be interesting. Really just need to come with something I can sell.

Blast from the Past
Last entry in this notebook. Going have to find one of my others.
Jesus the Christ pg. 342

The essential meaning attached to both Hebrew & Greek originals for our word “Satan” is that of an adversary or “one who places himself in another’s way and thus opposes him.”

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.
David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz May 25, 2016

David Boreanaz Watching Bones right now. Got to catch up. Plus Buffy the Vampire and Angel. Yum.

So fun, go on vacation come home and have a cold. Totally fun esp. at work I just can’t breathe and my leg was swollen. Another and longer day tomorrow. Should be fun again. I’m also sore, really sore and cooking.
Got my food order today. So two weeks or more of food. Yes at least I won’t starve. Now to figure out how to pay bills. And back on to figuring out how to get out of debt. Really need to figure this out really soon.
David Boreanaz
Was trying to get Moriarty to give to get a picture of his nose. But he just wouldn’t hold still. He has awesome long whiskers.

The cats are really hungry since I am out of money and can’t buy anything. Please help out. GoFundMe

Blast from the past:
Jesus the Christ pg. 322

Though within the reach of all who diligently strive to gain it, Faith is nevertheless a divine gift, and can be obtained only from God. As is fitting for so priceless a pearl, it is given to those only who show by their sincerity that they are worthy of it, and who give promise of abiding by its dictates.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.
Seth Green

Seth Green May 22, 2016

Seth Green another random person I follow on twitter…

Home from my mini vacation, well still have tomorrow off, but just having a relaxing day to see if we can beat whatever this thing I got before starting work again. Sore throat and rather tired right now. Just wore out kind of feeling even though the vacation was fun. Another rather short shift week. Nothing too huge until the following week. SO one more week to get back on my feet so I can take off running again. Need to make up for the short hours I’ve been getting so all the bills can be taken care of this month. And back in track for another fun stretch of remodel world and getting better.
seth greenseth green

So the cats got themselves into a little trouble while I was gone. Moriarty so nicely got into the treats tearing open all but one bag open, meaning they just ate themselves out of treats until I get paid on Thursday. Guess who is not going to be happy campers all week. Also need to buy them more dry food some how. So much fun when you have no money. Though luckily for me I get to go Tuesday to pick up food for me or we all be out of luck.

Tupperware new deals are out you should go check them out.

Blast from the past
Jesus the Christ pg. 284

The gospel was offered freely to all; but authority to officiate as a minister there of was not to be had for the asking; for that sacred labor, one must be called of God.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

P!NK May 21, 2016

P!NK You are F*ing Perfect.

Today the grand adventure occurred. Nature walk up Cress Creek Trail (Idaho). Beautiful day despite the rain. Stayed pretty dry going up the trail. Downpour as we headed out to get square Ice cream for our treat. Even heard a moose giving a call.
The trail was paved and handicap accessible up to the creek. Ton of poison Ivy. The water is actually warmed by a spring so nice warm feel to it. Didn’t see any of the dangerous rattlesnakes. Or much critters except birds of prey. But still a nice walk through the area.
P!NKP!NK The reason the creek was named.
Andiy using her super powers and touching some poison Ivy.
P!NK Driving home had sun and blue sky. Just typical of when we go walking.
Didn’t see a real moose. The closest thing to seeing one. While we had a minute to Facebook the pictures.
P!NK The Red Nose. Just too much fun to pass up.


Blast From the Past
Jesus the Christ PG. 279

The parables of the new testament spoken by the Teacher, are of such beauty, simplicity, and effectiveness as to stand unparalleled in literature.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

Emma Watson May 20, 2016

Emma Watson… Harry Potter AWESOME!

Day one start actually at 5 am. UGH! Bathroom run and then going through list I need to finish getting for mini vacation. Then 6:30 am fun at work meeting. With Bob the builder and our preheads up with the remodel of Freddies. Yup life is going to be extra chaos for a tiny while. 5 months we can do this. And apparently you should not put us crazy ops people all at the same table. We are slightly insane. Esp. with several none morning bears sitting there.
Then off to the doctor. So dreading it and had to wait like an hour since I was early plus they ran a little over. Then to find out the actual surgery spot is healing nicely, but I do have a couple blood clots that have developed in the vein and one that is a little worrisome but should fix its self with my aspirin is where the vein connects with the artery it kind opened a tad and now I have a little blood clot in the main. But 3 months wait and then I go back for another vein mapping and hopefully same thing on left leg. Now to get it to adjust so I can survive work for eight hours since after next week I’m back on to 30+ hours again. Main call in person back on duty….
Then off to wait for Andiy’s house to finish being inspected and a cat nap. Then the adventure beginnings. Well drive to Idaho Falls and food a little church fun, Bringing Religion to Flat Sam, thunderstorm fun, another cat nap, and more food. Now to settle in for the night. Surf a tad internet and bed. For another car ride and some getting lost in nature fun tomorrow. All fun times.
Emma Watson
Emma Watson
Emma Watson
Oh so remembered what I forgot. PJs I can’t seem to remember to pack PJs when I go on trips. Oh and a you going away insult from Izzie is she sprayed my bag for my computer. Ugh didn’t catch that until getting it here so frustrating. Get to scrub that when I get home.

Blast From the Past
Jesus the Christ Pg. 266

Let it not be forgotten that a parable is but a sketch, not a picture finished in detail, and that the expressed or implied similitude in parabolic teaching cannot logically and consistently be carried beyond the limits of the illustrative story.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.
Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman May 19, 2016

Hugh Jackman… Not a clue why I follow him on twitter just one of those that I do…

So doing this a tad early since work has a lovely meeting at 6:30 am that they so want everyone to attend tomorrow. So I should try sleeping a tad earlier tonight. After a “catered” breakfast and bosses making fun of themselves and then corporate telling us what big changes our going to happen in our remodel, I get the joy of going to the doctor and hopefully get good news. Hopefully, my leg is doing weird stuff. But I can’t think of anything I’ve done wrong. And then mini vacation before hitting the ground running. Luckily I finally got someone to pick up the meal menu so I can get food on Tuesday when I get back. Since my fridge is looking rather bare. Also did a little wet and wild gardening before the next major down pour came through. Still need some more pots and wood chips. Plus thinking of kind of building it up the cement blocks as an extra planting space for flowers.
Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman
Hoping to get the one side done. Would like to make a matching garden side on the other side of the cement, but not sure I’ll have the money this year to do it. Still need to fix lattice around deck and make a lattice fence between my neighbors and me. Had this idea even maybe buy some bamboo lattice fencing we have at work an stake it in front of the garden spots as a little extra privacy thing and it will give the flowers a place to grow up. Also want to do some privacy stuff along the fence by the canal. Just think it would be better esp. If I can build a cat enclosure out there behind the shed… Going have to figure out someone who can trim trees or learn to do it myself since the ones at the end is kind gangly… All these ideas and no money to do them…


Blast from the past
Jesus the Christ pg. 231

True happiness is lived over and over again in memory always with a renewal of the original good; a moment of unholy may leave a barbed sting, which like a thorn in the flesh, is an ever-present source of anguish.
Happiness is not a kin with levity, nor is it one with light-minded mirth. It springs from the deeper fountains of the Soul, and is not infrequently accompanied by tears.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.