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Monsterfunder August 30, 2016


Monsterfunder so ran out of famous people names right now and since I haven’t been on for a long while (Bad me slacking at blogging) I figure I will randomly select someone that is following me. They supposedly will help get traffic to help with your fundraising projects.


The wild sleeping cat up on his perch. Was going to clean that room but wore myself out.

Tried getting an apparel job again but somehow I never got interviewed for it and yet they filled the position. Rather odd. Wanted to try for some food but with having to go in for surgery on my left leg I didn’t want to get a job and be like hey Paul kind of going to be out for a month.


Sleeping snuggly Kitty.

So feel like I’m failing at life. Wishing I could figure out how to make a little extra income to pay off a credit card or two. Also have a $5000 loan I need to take care of. But hey for the health screening I weighed in at 216 pounds which is 2 pounds less than I was 2 weeks ago. Pretty awesome in that field and this is all from just walking. Haven’t changed anything else in my life.

Well so need a nap. Blast from the past will have to wait until next time I blog. donate to get out of debt and the box fund.

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Help Out

Please Help Out! August 15, 2016


Please help out. Really need some help out this month. If you straight up donate money via PayPal I’ll so pay back. When I get back on my feet. Just struggling this month especially mentally that I feel like I’m failing at life. I so had it with everything.

Help Out

Poor Sherlock got his ear chewed up. He’s also very skinny and not eating like he use to. Worried about him, but can’t afford to take him to the vet to make sure everything is ok.

Another way to donate is my gofundme account or smartypig.

Help Out Help out

Half way through August compared to July. Think I can beat my all time numbers?


New catalog and specials happening. Check them out. Still want to make the $314 so I can keep selling. Also a great way to help me out as well get awesome lifetime products.

Help Out Help Out Help Out Help Out Help Out

Also have stuff for sale on Ebay.


October 30, 2002

Haven’t written forever in this journal, though I have two more that I’ve been using as well.

January 1, 2004

A new year. Cleaning my room. Just reading what I’ve written and I laugh at half the stuff I write. Its funny in seeing what was so important back then.

May 10, 2004

Trying to find last years BYU-I Education week schedule to make sure I don’t repeat the same classes… Need to do new things. Well its not in here got to keep looking.

December 29, 2007

Hmmm. I do write more than what this journal shows. I think I have like 3 journals going at the same time whichever one I find when I am writing is the one I use. Well this year was kind of big. I finally no longer depressed still have anxiety, but working on that. Flew on my first airplane by myself. Hung out in Portland and Seattle. (The reason for me writing) kept everything so I can look back. Went to Pikes Market and the Underground Tour. Saw where Chris went to school. In Portland went to Powell’s Bookstore-It was overwhelming. And OMSI-I was a penguin. Played the WII, got the highest score on bowling and had fun with Mario. So much for cleaning.

This is the last in this Journal but found more when cleaning the office.

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Paul Rudnick August 11, 2016

    Paul Rudnick

Paul Rudnick- So this is the last person on my Twitter list. Going have to search for more next time. So I accomplished one of my New Year resolution goals. Getting a famous person to talk to me on Twitter. It was kind of funny. And that post is still being liked and retweeted. Crazy.

Paul Rudnick

So also applied for another position in Apparel. Its part time but still… I’m actually not even talking about it this time or even getting my hopes up. I really keep thinking if I just got out of debt. Part time positions wouldn’t be so hard to handle, yet I can’t seem to save my ass from anything right now. And I’ve messed up my back so much that even walking is way too painful. Oh well, life.

Paul Rudnick

Even though I couldn’t get my last numbers in because of no internet access at work, I made the top 20 barely, but probably my personal best in miles/steps.

Paul Rudnick

Got the cats a new scratching post. The mouse is king of the hill right now.


June 7, 2000

Yesterday was the last day of my high school life. I got a new job-I’m the rep for Video II. I prep videos, put them in the store, clean, organize, and look completely lost. Graduation is at 7:00 pm June 9, 2000-Friday. Then I’m welcomed into the real world. Girls camp is Monday June 12, 2000. And yes I’m going-hoping to make it through-please don’t blow up. Nsync is in Salt Lake city June 17, 2000 Saturday. I didn’t get tickets. I really wanted to go. Another dream smashed. I got the FBLA scholarship by default. The person who was suppose to receive it came to the end of the year banquet drunk so lost the scholarship. Being the runner up I received it.

August 10, 2000

School starts soon. College, unfortunately. Steph and I decided to figure out Backstreet Boys and Nsync email addresses. So far we have Lance-3 times, Joey-2 times, and Justin-1 time. Though we’ve found the online a few times. Steph has talked to Nick Carter and Lance. I’ve talked to AJ and kind of Justin. I’m going camping with Steph’s family tomorrow. OH Boy. What have I gotten myself into.

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John Boyd

John Boyd August 6, 2016

     John Boyd

John Boyd-Bones… I’m so sore. Even the back is yelling at me but kind have the walk thing down. So this week started the whole walk to work thing to try and help fight the mental problems. That and its good for my butt. Been doing pretty good had to break down and order new shoes Since mine are very worn. And the blisters are very nice right now. But going to try and stick this out until winter.

John Boyd John Boyd John Boyd

Also trying for another position in apparel. Its just a part time apparel clerk, but it would be a step into another department and a chance to move up. Still would like the click store but I think I’ll just let that one be for now. Too many people saying they are going to go for it and I kind of want to know who will be manager and under what department it will be. I still think the best jobs for me would be Fred the Bear and click store, but that’s all wishful thinking.


So struggling to make the $300 I need to keep this one going. Please small orders are very helpful as well.

John Boyd

Also help donate to The Box fund so we can get some more awesome stuff in there.


August 24, 1998

Dropped Christopher off at college yesterday. First day of school. I got accounting I, PE, English III, Geometry, Biology II, Spanish III, and American government. I have those classes in that order.

September 6, 1998

Goin onto the 3rd week of school. This week in PE we are going to run the mile and it is the last week we have to condition. Labor day tomorrow.

May 1, 1999

School is almost out for the summer. Today we were suppose to have a bake sale at the track meet, but when I went down there was NOBODY. I get to go to FBLA Nationals in Chicago.

February 7, 2000

I haven’t written for a long time. School is hard. This is probably my hardest year so far. I have college history Tuesday & Thursdays, but it is my last year in High School. I’m trying to get an address to who I contact to set up a concert w/Backstreet boys and N’SYNC. Then I’m going to suggest that FBLA put one on to earn money for March of Dimes.


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Syvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone August 2, 2016

     Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone-Haven’t been on for awhile, Actually couldn’t think of anything to write. Kind of been lost for awhile. Didn’t get the cheese job. Kind of felt bad about it, still not sure why it hurt so bad but it did. Also decided to give up on getting out of debt. Ok not give up but not try so hard since I keep seeming to fall harder into debt than out every time I try. I guess you can say I am tired.

So doing something new. Already started to send out weekly “Extra”ordinary cards to People in my ward. So now going to start The Box project. Bought a Rubbermaid box and started putting stuff in it. It sits outside under my front stairs with free stuff in it. Going to add like $20 each week to work to help out or something fun.

Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone

Right now it has books, to school supplies, and other misc. stuff in it.

     So a little crazy

So a little crazy I’ve decided to start walking to work when I know its not dark when I get off. I figured it takes about an hour to get there. Just need to get walking more and this is the only way I’ll be brave enough to do myself. Kind nuts but good exercise.

Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone

After and before in steps. I’m pretty sore an exhausted.


August 15, 1998

There was no FBLA Picnic for the Freshmen. I did see one of my teachers from my freshman year. It was Mr. Wintermote. My parents left to go to another craft show in LA. I could have gone, but didn’t say so soon enough. Watch TV all day, got mail. I got a couple of stories about my ancestor that crossed the plains to Salt Lake City.

August 18, 1998

The best thing that happened this summer was this white car full of boys drove by me. One of them sat on the window and took a picture of me. The others just waved high.



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