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Ebay September 22, 2016

     Staring at Ebay

Sitting here staring at my Ebay hoping some stuff on there sells for more than $5.00. And going through the stuff in my house wondering if there is anything that I’m not using or need that will get me some cash off of ebay. Not liking the fact that I actually over timed this last week and I still don’t have the money to really go buy food. And I need to get a job where I’m moving around more which sadly I will have to take a pay cut/hour cut to get for my health. And figuring it out that it would all be ok if I wasn’t so much in debt. Working slowly to get out of the PayPal credit card. $10 a week isn’t much but something the rest are sadly stuck in limbo right now until I get this one paid off.  And not woe is me. I totally realize this was being stupid and I got myself in this mess and I’m the only one to blame for it. But some days wish it was easier to get out of debt. One of those really not a lot of effort and someone else will pay you $1000 a day (they don’t exist, trust me I’ve tried a few.)

Bandage came off today look at the pretty bruise.ebay


They say if tell others your goals you will achieve them faster.

I wrote them down, well the financial ones.

  1. Pay of PayPal $10 weekly and if I sell anything less than $5 on ebay gets thrown into it. $5 or more I split half goes to a charity and other half goes to paying of the credit card (have yet to make over $5). $1500
  2. US Bank is 2nd one on the list to payoff after PayPal $2000
  3. RISE this was the worse mistake I have made. Also the largest amount. Been trying to throw in $10 a week when I got extra. Haven’t exceeded as of yet in getting it regular. $5000
  4. Commerce $700 actually should be out of this one in a year paying $44 a month.
  5. Amex $1000 not so worried about this one more the fact keeping this one open for those crap emergency moments. $44 a month will have paid off in a year.
  6. Capital one not counting the total since I’m keeping and actually using to help pay bills off it. Don’t have balance paid off but close enough not stressing over it.
  7. Ward/Fingerhut probably $1000 on credit between the two should be paid off in a year.

And that will clear me of everything but mortgage. Really wish my audience for this blog was less spam and more helpful because would like suggestions on places try and earn a little extra cash.

If you would like to help out I am listing more on ebay. Please bid $5 or more on stuff. Or follow me and share items name on there is crazyfungus.


Thursday 6-10-99

Early morning start. Breakfast-mush with cups of sugar and Hot sugar. Then we hit the trail. Mud, mud. and more mud. One family’s handcart fell breaking off the handles. We all held our breaths as we sorted out the mess, but we had to bury it on the side. At lunch we stopped on a levy and had our biscuits, carrot sticks, and apples. The trail to camp was rough and tiring. Large trenches made teamwork a must be, Sore feet and legs but we made it in. A small tent was set up and supper started with beef stew and fried bread with taffy for dessert. A ho-down was held for all.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.
Scott Kyle

Scott Kyle September 20, 2016

Scott Kyle

Scott Kyle figured I did every other famous person that I follow on twitter that I shouldn’t leave him out. Which oddly enough only started following him because he actually does talk to me every once in awhile.

So got here to clean out comments. Ugh same old things every time. And since I’ve been slacking in blog world I had about 200 to clean out. So much fun to do.

Scott Kyle


Surgery once again. This time on my left leg. Same procedure as the first on the right, just this time way more painful. And since I get to do two, I’m out for a month. So I’m going to clean house from top to bottom. “Spring cleaning” but in the fall. Going to go through everything. Not using it going to toss, donate, or sale. Try to look busy so I don’t go insane with not working. Going to be a hard thing.

Scott Kyle Scott Kyle


Halloween this year is going to be centered around bubble girl. Not sure how I’m going to pull this off but should be fun.

Haven’t really explored anymore making money options online. Just been trying to make what I’ve got to work out a little so I can pay down a tad more debt. One day. Pushing on the ebay sales in hope to pay off PayPal by the end of this year. Just don’t have any big ticket items that people want to buy so failing at anything much there.

And the box, I’ve decided I need to get some kind of shed thing that I can put stuff in and people could just drive up to it and see what’s in it. The other thing is rather full and have no room to add anything else at this time…

Tupperware is kind out right now. Missed the last month and got removed from being a consultant, so have to wait a month to try again. Like it more for the fun stuff I can get instead of really selling to others. Not the best way to do that but still kind of fun.

Scott Kyle


This journal is one that I just did so I could take on trips. Just a little notebook of stuff.

Wed. 6-9-99

First day on the trail. Dust blowing up in our faces. A large canyon slowed us down, but the boys rolled up their sleeves and pulled us out. A couple wagons became broken but fast repairs we were back on the road. As we neared the top of the mountain our wheel became loose. But with faith we made it a little further before fix’n it. We pulled into camp a further down and set up the biggest tent. After supper the potty fell over and we had to get Pa to fix it. During that time a line built up of our entire family.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.