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Petagadget January 30, 2017


Petagadget-So interesting day at work. Love when I get there and closing people didn’t do all their job. So had to figure out the corn for the burrito bar. And then find that they didn’t wash the tongs from the night before and my scrubby brush for the grille was on the floor. The cold section of the burrito bar wasn’t wiped down from the day before. And apparently there was no more pork. Which they probably ran out shortly after I left. Hopefully more showed up in freight or it maybe interesting for the morning people.

Took a little walk to take care of a friend’s house. And had an interesting visit with the neighbor as he shoveled his way out. The sidewalks for the most part at least had a path through them which made it easy. Not sure how I am going to do it tomorrow since I’m not off until 9 pm. But still might just wear the head lamp and walk over there still for my quiet hour.

Petagadget Petagadget

Walking buddy until he realized that I wasn’t going anywhere with food. Petagadget

Flat Ross going for the whisky. Lol that one bottle is the same height as him.

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January 24, 1996

Wednesday 6:48 am-I feel good about myself when I listen to the Holy Ghost. Getting ready for school again. I’m tired but I think I will make it through the day. Mom is either coming home tonight or tomorrow if the weather is bad.

January 24, 1997

Friday 10:08 pm-No school. Snowed a lot Wednesday and a little Tuesday. Have a couple of inches. Thursday my semester test schedule was 2nd period 7:30-9:00, 4th period 9:05-10:35, and 6th period 10:40-12:10. then the rest of the day was off.


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Estrellita January 30, 2017


Estrellita-Spent the day painting letters. And putting them online to sell. Pile is much smaller really just need to sit down and do a couple each night. As soon as they are done that I’m going to sew teddy bears. Should be able to do one a day. That is what I’ll use to hopefully make some money. Not sure if it’ll work but I really got to figure stuff out. So think I have a clue how I am paying for everything and then screw it all up. And not a sad enough story to actually have people just give me money.

Estrellita Estrellita Estrellita

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January 23, 1996

Tuesday- I feel good about myself when I help a friend. Almost time for school. Today I got piano lesson at 5 to 6 o’clock. Then mutual at 6 to 7:20.

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Obi Wan Kenobi January 28, 2017

Obi Wan Kenobi

Obi Wan Kenobi-so rather ticked managed to get enough clicks to supposedly get $365 from paypay, just find out its another one of those national consumer advertising thing. Get money if you can prove your human and you can never prove you are human at. Totally wish there was away to make those sites get removed. Free advertisement for them and suckered into thinking maybe I can make an extra $300 each month to ease some burden financially. I guess I keep talking to myself on this blog since I don’t have a clue if anyone ever reads this.

Kenobi Kenobi

So kind of short post just wanted to vent some steam since even there contact us at this email link no works either. So painting tomorrow some more letters to see if I can maybe sell stuff. Maybe not that I’m having any luck at that. Someone should just PayPal me $300 and I’ll advertise you’re fake website.

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January 22, 1996

Monday 5:30 am- I feel good about myself when I finish all my chores. Getting ready to go to school again. In gym we switched gyms again. Now we have to dress out as wear tennis shoes and hair tied back. Mom doesn’t get back until Thursday.

January 22, 1997

Wednesday 8:59 pm- Went to piano lessons. It also was the first day of semester tests. In science I got a 78% on the exam and 100% for this 9 weeks. Our schedule was 1st period 7:30-9:00, 3rd period 9:05-10:35, 5th period 10:40-12:10, lunch 12:10-1:00, and 7th period 1:00-2:30.

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Kaylee C Shoole January 27, 2016

Kaylee C Shoole

Kaylee C Shoole-why can’t I figure out a solution to getting out of debt. Keep searching for new ways to earn a little extra money. But its all the same advise. I’ve eliminated as much as I can from expenses. Trying to sell stuff online, which I so suck at, survey sites not very good with (just don’t qualify for survey’s), odds jobs-don’t have time to do, nor the right talents… Just can’t seem to catch a break anywhere. Ideas man would be nice.

So started something new. Seems ok so far. All you have to do is get enough people to click a link (this is mine: and you get $10 for each click. People don’t have to sign up just click the link. Not that I have any high traffic spots just thought I’d give it a try… So far made $100. Cash out is $300 though. And you have to log in every 30 days or you loose your money, plus its once a month paycheck. But if one can make an extra $300 a month wouldn’t that be nice. Most my mortgage would be paid.


The ghost in the basement is moving my rug around. The one in the bedroom has been kind of active as well.

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January 21, 1996

Sunday-8:13 am: I feel good about myself when I help someone. Off to church soon. It starts at 9 O’clock. More snow lot’s of snow. I just got back from church, I’m president for Sunday School. There is only 4 people active. Greg Hess, Michael Hiles, Caleb Boulder, and me.

January 21, 1997

Tuesday-9:17 pm: At new beginnings I got an orange flower that the tips had a little red, Last day before semester tests. Tomorrow I have 1, 3, 5, lunch, and 7th. Each class an hour and a half.

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Sherlock January 24, 2017


All my cats are named after BBC Sherlock characters… Man with the snow. 20″ from last night. 2 hours to dig myself kind of out then I gave up after getting half way across the road and realizing that there still no way I’d get my car out if I had too. Luckily I had a day off or would be in a lot of trouble. Snow plow did come down and cleared a ton of snow out, but my roads are still so horrible. I’ve been listening to trucks having a hard time getting out. Tomorrow morning is going to be so much fun. And there is more snow on the way. UGH!

Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock

So much fun. Here’s pictures of Sherlock trying to make his rounds around the neighborhood.

Sherlock sherlock

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So been wanting a new smaller couch but can’t afford to buy one so thinking about using stuff I already have and kind of create one. Just need a tad money to buy myself a saw so I can get started…


January 20. 1996

Saturday-11:29 am: I feel good about myself when I make someone happy. So far it has been a great day. Jonathan and I are challenging Chris to a snow ball fight at 3 o’clock. We already have a fort made and ammo. Mom went to a craft show in Dallas and won’t be back until Thursday. I do hope she has made it there safely.

January 20, 1997

Monday-8:34 pm: Had no school today. Tomorrow will be a normal day. This Wednesday and Thursday will go wacko. We will then have another three day weekend.

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Lela Rollins January 23, 2017

For the Love of Winter (Lela Rollins)

Lela Rollins, ugh with this year’s winter. Going to be another foot or so snow out there after tonight and the wind is not helping. The snow drifts are crazy. I’m rather done, especially  having to drive home tonight that was not very fun slide across my street. So tried the whole shoveling out a little when getting home today. Probably did very little good other than giving me work out. Because that wind right now is nuts. Though funny listening to the neighbor. She opens door looks out and was like “Fuck this” and slams her door. Obviously was someone that wasn’t paying attention to the nice weather outside.

Rollins Rollins Rollins Rollins Rollins Rollins Rollins

Today was also the big reveal for the manager set up. Some interesting choices. Going to be fun to see when the dust settles and the new people finally figure out what they are doing.

Also really need to figure out debt. Kind of set down and wrote more stuff out, but just wish I could save some money so I could help friends out. Sitting here trying to figure out how to pay mortgage but knowing my friend is struggling too, I’d rather help her out. But you can’t pull another person up if you aren’t standing on higher ground yourself.

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January 19, 1996

Friday-I feel good about myself when I get and A on my test. NO SCHOOL, Yippee.

January 19, 1997

Sunday 9:18 P.M-Went to church. We watched Alaska. A new movie. It was good. Mom is in Las Vegas at another craft show. There is no school tomorrow or Friday. Semester tests start Wednesday.

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Zeek Kropf January 22, 2017

Zeek Kropf

Zeek Kropf, Funny since they just posted an article about him on Facebook. So went to work at 7 am this morning. Was suppose to be the cook, but I really have no clue what I’m doing there right now. So Mindy took over at 8 and I ran the burrito bar. Which I think I’m getting not bad at. Except now we have to temp our meat which yeah chicken is very hard to get up to the 175 with burning it. Crazy but whatever.

More snow. Luckily I have a closing shift tomorrow so no 5:30 am wake up to shovel myself. And the main roads should be plowed. But still going to be a fun drive. Hate driving this time of year but I’m not equipped properly to walk it. Should work on that next year, be good to still get my exercise in and not worry about the slick roads.


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January 17, 1996

Wednesday- I feel good about myself when I meet a new friend. So far on my semester tests, I have gotten an A on Spanish, B in band, and missed 37 on my English.

January 18, 1996

Thursday 5:16 am-I feel good about myself when I do something right. Last night I was sicker than a dog. I had the stomach flu. I threw up all over the place. Today I’m feeling a lot better. I think today I’m going to school to finish all my test. English test didn’t so I am getting a 92% in that class and in science I’m almost sure (I’m) getting an A. I’m almost made my goal come true. S.S test is going to be easy our teacher even said so.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.
MCM Gods

MLM Gods January 21, 2017

MLM Gods

MLM Gods, wow scammers. So tried out this cyber beg thing. And I have this person that is “willing to help me out” but wants me to pay them $500 for a refundable fee so they can send me $10,000. Yeah not going to happen. If you want to help me then you can send me $10,500 and I’ll refund you the $500. Seems fair. Sheesh.

So called in because the person that was suppose to be there goofed. He showed up after I got there but I still got to work-in HABA. So there will be a 40 hour position coming open over there. Seriously thinking about going for it, but ugh its a lead so yeah not too exciting. But 40 hours would help out hugely. Not sure I’d get it anyways since someone is preventing me from really moving up. Really hate not knowing what I should be doing and having no money. Just need to really eliminate a couple of debts.


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I need to get to finding my pattern for my teddy bears. going to take old t-shirts that I can’t sell and make into Fred the Bear bears. I think they will be cute. Not sure anyone will buy but worth a try.


Two tonight since one is very short…

January 15, 1997

Wednesday-Today Jonathan and I went to piano practice.

January 16, 1996

Tuesday 5:27 am-Well, I gotten up to let the cat out of my room and to get ready for school. Katz is getting fatter each day. She is also being visited by alley cats. So Rusty is police dog and trys to keep Katz inside. This week I have semester tests in all my class except Spanish. We had our Spanish semester test last Thursday. Also this week is only three school days long. We had Monday and we are going to have Friday off. My cold is gone. Young Women’s! I feel good about myself when I get straight A’s on my report card.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

Lacey Kong January 20, 2017

Lacey Kong

Lacey Kong, day off so slept until I couldn’t then been having a rather lazy day. Tomorrow I’ll work on cleaning house and making stuff. Though I did add new stuff to Café Press. Go check it out! Also I’ve lost my touch in scaring off the missionaries. But I have their cell number. LOL only guys that have ever asked me for my phone number.

Kong Kong Kong Kong

Also had the pizza guy show up, wrong address since neither of us on my side of the street has our numbers displayed where people can see them. Dang too bad. Pizza would’ve been nice.Kong

Me trying to draw a dragon eating French fries. Not sure what it is but definitely not a dragon. Should finish its wings just to add to the horror.

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So four new designs in Café Press. Working on my dragon themes. Plus kitty has her own line of stuff. Cats sell right?

Ebay: a little crocodile hunter stuff.


Haven’t done so well on ebid so pausing for a moment. Also selling down on ebay. Trying to focus on one selling site. And Bonanza does advertising for me and its a set price instead of bids. So that’s the one I’m sticking too for now.

Also did a new cyber beg. Basically standing on the corner with a cardboard sign asking for hand outs. Maybe a little money will come in. Or just a ton of scam stuff. Trying everything right now to keep my sanity.


January 14, 1997

Tuesday-We had mutual toady. We learned about missions. Like companions, what missionaries do, and teaching. Yesterday I watched Phenomon with Dad and Mom. My second time. Got a letter from Kristy Reece. It has been a long time I’ve received one from her.

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Francis Ng January 18, 2007

Francis Ng

Francis Ng, So refigured my money and once again it comes up with if I can get out of debt I could live off the 20 hours I’m guaranteed and not worry too much. Of course I wouldn’t be able to put any away for savings, but I wouldn’t be stressed about money and work so much. But to figure out a way to get my but out of debt is a struggle.

Ng Ng NG Ng

So had a little birthday celebration for two of my favorite peoples. Andiy and Trina even though it was a tad early for both of them we decided to go for some sushi. Quite fun.

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January 10, 1997

Friday: Mom and Dad has left to go to Portland and won’t be back until Sunday evening. I curled my hair this morning not that many people noticed but I liked it while it lasted. In P.E. I went crazy. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was like I was sniffing laughing gas in art and it took effect in P.E.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.