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Buckatweet February 27, 2017


Buckatweet-will someone explain to my parents when I get paid again. Just because I’m getting 21 hours this week I won’t get that paycheck until next week. And ugh never give your parents access to your bank account. Anyone want to give me 700 dollars so I can get my bank account out of overdraft and pay off the person that keeps putting me into over draft.

Check this out!

Ugh so got close just needed 75 more items on ebay to hit the top total amount.  Lots of auction stuff starting as low as 50 cents. Also buy it now stuff, need it all to go. What doesn’t sell is being hauled to the DI so it’s not sitting in my house any longer.



not sure how else to beg for people to buy my crap. Could use all the help I can get to sell it so I can get out of debt and back on top of my game.


February 22, 1997

Saturday-Had to do everyone’s jobs today. I have a movie I want to rent its called Wildflower.

February 23, 1997

Sunday-went to church today.

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A Franz February 26, 2017

A Franz

A Franz- Threw some coins into the wishing well. Sort of literally. At least posted them to ebay to see if anything will make some money. Also I can post 118 more items online for the month of February, so I have what two days to come up with 118 more stuff. Since I’m not selling stuff really then I should make another game out of this.


Also now to beat my most viewed item (of course it didn’t sell, though still available on bonanza)


Maybe with beating records and having some random fun stuff on here I’ll actually sell stuff. Kind of like playing the lottery, might get your money back, may lose your money, or might hit it big. And since I only have 21 hours this week, I’ll have plenty of time to do a lot of crap. Here’s to losing one’s mind and jumping off the bridge.


February 21, 1997

Friday-Today was State wrestling tournaments going on. So more than half the school was P.A.ed for the last three periods. In science there was nine kids left. In math we went to another room with a sub and there was four kids. In keyboarding there was only three kids left and we got a candy bar. So many cute guys from other schools. Jamie Wright is still a little kid. She was throwing paper at us in gym.

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15 Minutes-Cameroun February 24, 2017

15 Minutes-Cameroun

15 Minutes-Cameroun: Winter has return and in force. Going to have about a foot by this weekend and its drifting again which is always fun. Got a taste of spring and right back to mess and cold. Really need double pain windows in the sunroom and new front door to combat this crazy weather. Goals for summer.

cameroun Cameroun

Check This Out

Added new designs on Café Press figure the more on there the better chance I have to sell stuff. Trying to add funny stuff.



February 18, 1997

Tuesday- Today for mutual we went to the red cross and folded newsletters, tapped the bottom, and put addresses on the newsletters. Then we put them piles by city and zip code. In art I painted a beautiful picture.

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Get More Donations! February 23, 2017

Get More Donations

Get More Donations-Funny the tittle of the this twitter account. Would like more donations but not paying to get them. But if you’d like to help out So noticed its says two month mortgage in description. $10,000 is actually debt amount not my two months at this point I need about $1600 for two months mortgage. But also need help in all fields, so I put it back to $10,000 but anything will help at this point.

Its already 1 am where did the time go, oh yeah took a nap and then had a cry. Too stressed about everything. I finally crashed. But kind of short shifts the next two days and they are closing which will be nice.

Also check bonanza, always. And pick something up for yeah. Came up with some more ideas for shirts so going to be adding stuff to café press in the next few days. Hopefully some kind of creative juices will start making a tad money.

donations The start of the mystery marks has begun again. On my stomach of all places.

donations DonationsWith a lot of talking and coaching I finally got DI to come over and eat while I was standing in arms length. Now to convince him to let me scratch behind the ear.

Donations 2 days to hit the most views for one item. 41 more to go. Hopefully a sale as well.

More snow is falling. oh wonderful joy.


February 16, 1997

Sunday-Sue went home today and mom, Dad, and I went to Logan.

February 17, 1997

Monday-Presidents Day Got home from Grandma’s house at 7:30 pm. Watched The Never Ending Story III the movie.

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Fundraising Exposure February 21, 017

Fundraising Exposure

Fundraising Exposure- Haven’t been slacking on blogging just was trying to sew up some more stuff to sell on ebay. It takes me all night to do one project. First I had to figure out how to make something with making my own pattern and last night was working on the first bear.

Exposure Exposure Exposure

Oops the bear is on ebay now. The other one I need to figure out a closure for it. But both came out quite nicely. I have an 8 to 5 tomorrow so not going to work on sewing tonight. but try again tomorrow. Hopefully a miracle will happen and I can sell some handmade stuff.

Also add some plates. All starting bids are 99 cents. Do charge shipping when I start that low just so I’m actually earning some money if it just goes at 99 cents.

Exposure Exposure

So figure everything on ebay will go mortgage. And that’s where I’m hoping for a miracle, need $800 this month. And everything sold off of bonanza will go paying off debt. (roughly $10,000). So still share check out the sites. Won’t be able to do this without help from other people.

As well I put back my gofundme at $10,000. I need stuff to even be able to take Izzie to the vet. Too much stress and not enough ideas where I can get money. I’ve tried them all. Joined affiliates, survey sites, boost websites sites. I’m just not making it. And so need out of this mess. I’m tired of not being to do anything nor help out my friends.


February 15, 1997

Saturday-Today Sue came. Cleaned every corner of the house. Jonathan and I had another argument. He wanted on the computer while I was on it.. when I didn’t let him on he came upstairs and watched the movie I wanted to watch. I couldn’t watch any place else because the vcr downstairs doesn’t work and I can’t use mom’s t.v. I wish he wouldn’t do that.

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Monster Funder I’m In Need of a Miracle February 18, 2017

Monster Funder

Monster Funder-In need of a good miracle. 71 items on ebay (crazyfungus) Several end in a day. Just want to sale all of them. Small miracle. Only in need of 71 helping souls. I have 127 followers there got to be 71 of you who’d help me out!

Also over 100 items on Bonanza (yes some are the same on ebay).  Struggling in getting the money to pay mortgage.

Will take donations. Either through PayPal or gofundme. Both will do towards mortgage right now.

So found my Teddy Bear pattern so now I really can start sewing a storm. That and the stationary set folder. I should have a couple more projects to work on. Also found some card making sets so going to make those up and try to sell them. Anything for a tad money. Don’t use must get rid of so might as well use and see if I can get something to help me out.


Funder Funder Funder Funder

So this week I didn’t like my left arm. Its sore from my wrist to my elbow, now. Geez I just had to pick on it, didn’t I?

This wind is nutz. Its not only trying to blow me away but it keeps sounding like a large truck driving through the neighborhood.


February 12, 1997

Wednesday, 9:22 pm-Jonathan and I went to piano lessons.

February 14, 1997

Friday,10:04 pm- 3 day weekend. Valentine’s Day. 3 people remembered me-Mom and Rebecca Church, Yasi (Yasmina).

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Pul Rozmari February 18, 2017

Pul Rozmari

Pul Rozmari-I’ve been kind of busy today. I finished painting all the letters and got them posted on bonanza. Plus found some vintage patterns and added them to ebay to auction off. So ebay right now has 71 items on there for a total of $763. So thinking I have over 100 people on twitter, so if 71 of you bought an item I would be one debt shorter. Come on guys I know you can help me out.


Still trying to find my teddy bear pattern, so will have to hold off on making them for now. But did find something my 1st mom made that I’m going to copy and a few and see if I can see those. Anything to use up fabric that is just laying around my house. To make things is helping to clean up my house as well. So double bonus if I can sell it and make money on me cleaning.

Now just to get the cats to help out in the money making…

Oh my top two pokers are tied for the most pokes. My Facebook arm is hurting pretty bad right now.



February 11, 1997

Tuesday, 9:13 pm-Today I got two new shirts. One was a cat in a stocking, while another cat was rolling around on the stocking. The other shirt was a boy and a girl holding onto a branch and it says hang in there. Yesterday I watched Fly Away Home. About a girl who raises ducks and then teaches them to fly south. Still no present for Jonathan.

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Jarin Lamissa February 16, 2017

Jarin Lamissa

Jarin Lamissa-A record my most viewed Item on ebay. Over 100 views. Cant sell it but everybody wants to take a look. LOOK. Interesting day today. Ended up having only a half case for the hot side since the one side wasn’t temping. Also found nice crispy rice left to cook all night, and beans still in warmers. Nice finding extra food. Also Expert dishwasher (which I hate washing dishes at home, but work its nice to disappear for awhile) no matter how full the sink is I seem to manage knocking out the dishes in about an hour. I probably is because I don’t need to have a conversation with anyone and I just zone out.

Learned a valuable lesson. Hot stuff on skin really hurts. Popping the blister doesn’t help either.


Check This Out

So a little fun was thinking a celebrity spokes person would help sell my stuff. And since Flat Ross hasn’t had an adventure in awhile, he’d get the job.

LamissaBuy a letter because Flat Ross thinks they are Awesome!

Added 5 new letters to Bonanza and some butterfly earrings. Go check them out and buy something!



February 9, 1997

Sunday. 9:10 pm-School is tomorrow. Went to church. Haven’t finished my homework. OH NO!


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HS2016 February 15, 2017


hs2016-made it through the loveliest day of the year. So apparently we were short hours this morning. Well most of the day. Yeah and some stuff didn’t happen. LOL marking down stuff and find out all cheese cups are to be pulled. Oops and that’s one thing not done. Fruit and yogurt cups barely got done but still that was what we had to fill up there just to look full. Crazy days. So morning for me next two days. Then a day off. Then I picked up a shift on Saturday. Kind of a mid. Which works since that will give me a 40 hour week. Now to sell stuff so I can get out of the hole.

Check This Out!

Really need help. share my page like crazy. I need to sale at least 10 items this week. Going to stop being lazy and really work on getting the rest of the letters done. Then on too sewing. But still need to start working on taking a chunk out of some stuff.

Begging here! Got my cardboard sign. Fallen onto hard times anything will help. Dude take can food and tuna if I can.



February 8, 1996

Thursday-Jonathan’s Birthday. 12 years old.

February 8, 1997

Saturday, 8:07 pm-Jonathan’s Birthday. 13 years old. A teenager now. We went to Boston Market for lunch/supper. It was real good.

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Bullshirt February 14, 2017


Bullshirt-Happy Valentines! Short closing shift, but still wanted to slap people over the head. Basically coworkers. Apparently I’m slightly pms.

bullshirt Bullshirt

Work up to all three snuggly kitties and a new bruise on my leg. Really need to stop beating myself up at night/ Its getting painful.

So help relieve some stress and buy something off of Bonanza Come on the sale of two items will give me enough money to put gas in my car. Sadly another expense I’ve found today. Though I kind of got my house rearranged. Just have to find the umpf to the big book shelf and set up my “mudroom” area and for now I’m done. Sadly anything else requires money.

Always or check out café press. Many awesome things for sell on there.

Bullshirt Bullshirt Bullshirt


February 7, 1997

Friday, 10:05 pm-Jonathan opened his presents tonight. Tomorrow going to Salt Lake City. He got a 3d puzzle, a San Francisco (49’ers) beach towel, bath robe, and blanket. I’m getting him a football signed by Steve Young.


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