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Roberto April 29, 2017


Roberto-No word yet on the job. Not really sure I got it. I mean I need it but I think there are some more qualified people who applied. Weather doesn’t look like its going to be nice enough to do a yard sale. I may need to break down and just do a online one to see if I can get some money.


Need to get some more info to the Idaho housing. Going to be interesting trying to explain why some stuff were $0 since I have not been able to afford to pay for it that everything were basically gifted. Geez really need to figure out money and what I really want to do with this house. Not that I could find myself something I can afford with cats.


April 12, 1997, Saturday-Angela came over we worked on our story. We have a few funny parts. You should read it. Next weekend Aunt Jan is bringing her family down, Finally! Grandma Taylor is going to have surgery.

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Lonely April 26, 2017


Lonely- new stuff to bid on!


Kind of a lazy day today. Since the clouds stayed for most of the day  I didn’t dare mow the lawn or spray the weeds. Kind of need a better day for both of those. But need one soon or the front will be in really bad shape. Also should be getting plants for the garden. So today I actually sat down and read. Haven’t done that in a while. Finished the last one of this series. Wicthes Winds of Salem by Melissa De La Cruz Now to find other books to read.


April 10, 1996, Wednesday-Woden’s Day

April 10, 1997, Thursday-Normal Day

April 11, 1996, Thursday-Thor’s Day. Dad’s Birthday

April 11, 1997, Friday-Dad’s Birthday.

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Real Woman Blueprints April 25, 2017

Real Woman Blueprints

Real Woman Blueprints- Ugh so nice little phone call from my mom. Knew the financial no talk wouldn’t last. Of course I get the talk not the help, but really hate having someone telling me that I may need to give up my cats to keep my house. Sure tell a mother to give up her children so she can keep a roof over her head. Not really a conversation I really want. And how to choose one to keep. Ok you are my favorite you can stay the rest of you must go away. And room mate. Not happening with where the bathroom is located at. Just need some money to fall from the sky, just enough to pay some stuff debt so I can feel a little better with everything.

blueprint This is my mind as an environment. A nice meadow with a lake in the middle of it in the middle of a blizzard.


April 9, 1996, Tuesday-Tiu’s Day. Back to school. Guess what by the school’s clocks we came an hour early and left an hour early, because they forgot to change their clocks ahead one hour. Oh, ya, I got dish room duty with Angela. That means I get to wash dishes all this month. Yip!

April 9, 1997, Wednesday-Grandma Taylor has a brain tumor that has gone all over. She has six weeks to live.


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Patsy Maire Franks April 23, 2017

Patsy Maire Franks

Patsy Maire Franks-Someone just shoot me. So gave myself 6 months to figure my shit out. Ugh don’t know. Afraid of change? More like don’t want to start on the bottom of the totem pole and have to work my way back up. Also year evaul today, not as good as I would get on the front end. Must stay focused, busy, and smile and talk to people. Which means I need to learn to be comfortable on both sides of the deli. I’m fine on the hot case have that down, not so sure on the cold. Salads aren’t bad, but meat I’m not good at recommending. And selling it, basic stuff sure the rest not so much. Ask questions learn. And learn to have better confidence in myself.

Now financially crap. Really, really screwed on this one. Need to get out of debt. Bug relief would be taken off my shoulders. Than this house. I really don’t want to go back to renting. Really you can’t get a 2 bedroom for $461 and cats. What to do? What to do? ( Working on putting stuff together for a yard sale. Got to get money to pay mortgage. 5 months behind and in need to catch up and have extra just to survive. 2 more years. Wanted to own for 5 that was my goal, I have 2 more years to do that.

Also took in another cat, shhh. It’s a secret. He’s a big old Siamese male. My friends just couldn’t take him with them to their place. $250 is kind of ridiculous for pet deposit. He’s a nice old man, my cats are crazy cats.


Just s feel like failing at life. And tonight’s conversation with my parents went over so well. Six months… I don’t know what I really am doing.


April 8, 1996, Monday-Moon’s Day

April 8, 1997, Tuesday-Played softball out in the cold for PE. For mutual we had to blow a feather half way down the gym and back. Get over a stick without using anything inn the room and I was thrown over it 2 times. Carry everyone on a rug. And walk on 3 wood to get to one side of parking lot from the other.

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Avery Lillian April 19, 2017

Avery Lillian

Avery Lillian-Oh what a day. Definitely more like a Monday today than yesterday. And I had to deal with Patrick all yesterday. Need to figure out why I’m so tired. I swear I sleep more than I am a wake. Partly I think I’m falling into depressed state since I can’t seem to figure out how to get myself a little relief. But Four days off in a row, I should be able to get this darn paperwork off. Hopefully that will give some relief and then I’m going to go through my stuff and work on yard selling it off so hopefully that will get me enough to bring one bank account out of the red and pay off what I do owe on the mortgage. But the whole get out of debt not just don’t see any hope with that right now.


Listening to the wind outside. Been a couple days of gloomy weather and rain.


April 7, 1996, Sunday-Sun’s Day. General Conference. On 60 minutes tey had a section on mormanize. Easter Bunny came. Left me 3 marshmallow chicks, 5 three musketeers, perfume, bath oil, bath gel, pillow case with Young Women Values on it, and water colors. Dad’s Birthday is coming up.

April 7, 1997, Monday-Chris is leaving for Florida tomorrow for Robotics.

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Eugene Vaniderstine April 12, 2017

Eugene Vaniderstine

Eugene Vaniderstine-Slacker Slacker Slacker, So what I feel like today. Though did call and talk to my dad on his birthday about the only thing I’ve done right this day. Six years of working at Barrel of Monkey place.


So today at day I was behind all day. Couldn’t get the grab and goes out… Actually never really got them all out until 3 pm. Lol crazy. Barely slide the burrito bar pretty much out at 11 and only because Will actually started hauling out my stuff in the warmer, but still was trying to set up and make some for customers. Felt like I ran all day and never caught up or finished what I started. And I was called in as well.


April 6, 1996, Saturday-Saturn’s Day General Conference. Yesterday got home from our trip to Crater of the Moon. All trails but one was snowed in. We stayed the night then came home. TOMORROW: Easter.

April 6, 1997, Sunday-General Conference. We taped Legacy.


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Frank Alvarez April 7, 2017

Frank Alvarez

Frank Alvarez-Yeah not doing so well in keeping up with this blog. Trying to go to bed early now. Setting my clock hopefully back a little. Getting ready to start walking again to and from work. Just need the weather to play nice.


Tomorrow I get to play in the cheese section. Kind of scared but excited. We will see how it goes since we are expecting visitors. And its a holiday coming up.  Hopefully I do ok.


Still could use help.


April 4, 1996. Thursday-Thor’s Day

April 4, 1997, Friday-Mom & Dad left at 4 am this morning and came home at 5 pm from Salt Lake City. It snowed today.

April 5, 1996, Friday-Frigg’s Day

April 5, 1997, Saturday-Watched General Conference today.

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Mark April 2, 2017


Mark-Been slacking again blogging. Some days I just can’t think of anything to say. So tore out the carpet in the sunroom. Still have a section in front of the door to pull up the carpet tack stripes and then need to get marine varnish. Then plot out what to do with room. Thinking even though the wood isn’t too bad I might tile. Get the 5 for $5 tile samples from and if they have stuff on sale and make mix mash tile floor. Should be fun.


So new Drawing Challenge if you guys want to start up with me. A tad harder than last month’s.

Stick figures are just as perfect as anything.

So it is Easter Lily Season again. So find a Easter lily make some goofy pose in front of it snap a picture and send it to me. With location of the demon flower. We need all the fun we can get this nice deadly season for our Bubble Girl Adventures.


Added new stuff to cafepress so go over check them out! Also included a link at the top of the page for future reference.

Also went and actually met with my Bishop got a food order in and he offered to pay a month of mortgage. But now to fill out all the paperwork for both the church and mortgage company to see if I can figure out how to pay for everything. Still so need to get out of debt. Which would help a whole lot more. They posted a 40 position so applying for that tomorrow. Fingers crossed all of this works out. Also trying to sell stuff and if the weather gets good maybe have a yard sale. Just have too much stuff that I’m really not using that if I can get some extra money off of would be helpful. Open page on Facebook its called Bekah’s Second Job which I’ve already posted stuff. Also don’t forget to check out bonanza anything sold off of there will go towards bills and debt.


April 2, 1996, Tuesday-Back to school.

April 3, 1996 Wednesday (Woden Day)-Spring Vacation. No school until next Tuesday.

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