Hadar May 11, 2017


Hadar-Not sure what to write about…. Cleaned house a little today. At least the living room is a little better. Got more stuff ready for yard sale. Which I set a date for May 25.  Not going to be very big but hopefully I can sell everything so I’d have a tad more money for the mortgage… Priced checked all my baseball cards, yeah don’t have any big dollar ones. So will try to sell them at the yard sale as well. Realized in two weeks I have morning cooking hours. Eeck I haven’t really been in charge of cooking only sort of helping out every once in awhile. And not really good at getting things out on time. Hopefully we will have one operating oven.


Dead Cat. He’s getting a little more social, but still need to find him a home. Though luckily food and litter comes tomorrow.

www.gofundme.com/new-year-resolution was kind of joking about changing my gofundme account to $53,000 and just putting it all towards paying off the mortgage. Then when I own my house I can work on paying off the other debt. Just wish I could figure out something. I know I didn’t get the 40 hour job even though I am pulling off getting more hours each week. Just don’t know, what to do anymore.


April 13, 1997, Sunday-Went to church today. Next Sunday the prophet is coming down for Regional Conference.

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