Najam June 10, 2017


Najam-Nicely dying. Not really but between the can’t breath and the cramps so feel like it. And all before my “wedding”. Not a true wedding, but one that Facebook so predicted would happen. Just thought I’d have some fun and throw a party on the day it thinks I was going to get married.  So it’s roasting hot dogs and s’mores and some strawberry shortcake. And whatever goodies anyone else brings. And some of sitting around a fire b.sing about life. And the start of another long week. With my next day off next Saturday. Just hopefully that one will be better than this one. I still need to get the grass and weeds out of the front yard and get some sort of plants for those pots. Probably no garden this year and sprinkler system is still down. Really need to get that fixe

Will hopefully find out about the job this next week as well. still not sure they will give it to me even though I only know of two of us applied for it. Just get too nervous when doing interviews. But at least I kind of getting the cooking down. I still get off doing the chicken and the times but at least I think I am improving….



So the insurance company got back with me. I make three payments of $430 for three months as a trial to show I am willing to pay and then they will work with me in helping me keep my house. Going to be rough but  I have to do this. And since getting help from outside isn’t really happening. Will try yard sale again, hopefully this Saturday. I can get a little money to help with paying. And if we can keep the 40 hour streak going a little while longer it will help as well.

Also trying to sell some stuff on ebay again… Not sure how well that will go but any amount of money will help…


April 14, 1997, Monday-Chris came home from Florida. He gave me a flatten penny with Mickey Mouse on it.

April 15, 1997, Tuesday-Went to mutual worked on packets for people who turn 8 this year. Started my period today. Threw away my Ibuprofen so I had to go home. Missed seminary. In great pain. Something wrong with tongue and leg.

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