Frank Alvarez April 7, 2017

Frank Alvarez

Frank Alvarez-Yeah not doing so well in keeping up with this blog. Trying to go to bed early now. Setting my clock hopefully back a little. Getting ready to start walking again to and from work. Just need the weather to play nice.


Tomorrow I get to play in the cheese section. Kind of scared but excited. We will see how it goes since we are expecting visitors. And its a holiday coming up.  Hopefully I do ok.


Still could use help.


April 4, 1996. Thursday-Thor’s Day

April 4, 1997, Friday-Mom & Dad left at 4 am this morning and came home at 5 pm from Salt Lake City. It snowed today.

April 5, 1996, Friday-Frigg’s Day

April 5, 1997, Saturday-Watched General Conference today.


Mark April 2, 2017


Mark-Been slacking again blogging. Some days I just can’t think of anything to say. So tore out the carpet in the sunroom. Still have a section in front of the door to pull up the carpet tack stripes and then need to get marine varnish. Then plot out what to do with room. Thinking even though the wood isn’t too bad I might tile. Get the 5 for $5 tile samples from and if they have stuff on sale and make mix mash tile floor. Should be fun.


So new Drawing Challenge if you guys want to start up with me. A tad harder than last month’s.

Stick figures are just as perfect as anything.

So it is Easter Lily Season again. So find a Easter lily make some goofy pose in front of it snap a picture and send it to me. With location of the demon flower. We need all the fun we can get this nice deadly season for our Bubble Girl Adventures.


Added new stuff to cafepress so go over check them out! Also included a link at the top of the page for future reference.

Also went and actually met with my Bishop got a food order in and he offered to pay a month of mortgage. But now to fill out all the paperwork for both the church and mortgage company to see if I can figure out how to pay for everything. Still so need to get out of debt. Which would help a whole lot more. They posted a 40 position so applying for that tomorrow. Fingers crossed all of this works out. Also trying to sell stuff and if the weather gets good maybe have a yard sale. Just have too much stuff that I’m really not using that if I can get some extra money off of would be helpful. Open page on Facebook its called Bekah’s Second Job which I’ve already posted stuff. Also don’t forget to check out bonanza anything sold off of there will go towards bills and debt.


April 2, 1996, Tuesday-Back to school.

April 3, 1996 Wednesday (Woden Day)-Spring Vacation. No school until next Tuesday.


Sarah Williams March 29, 2017

Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams-Sitting here trying to figure out how exactly how I want to change my Sunroom. I really think I’m just going to rip out the carpet. Not sure how the window comes out so just going to leave that for now. And then it’s to getting a new front door and one day getting windows for the room. That will help with the draft of it. Also going to be weird and cut the door downstairs in half use half up here to block off the sunroom from most critters when I’m not home. Which should help with the peeing in here. And the other half downstairs by the strange storage area so I can start working on puzzles and hopefully not help from cats. Though need to start collecting wood so I can start framing walls. Oh and buy some nice sealer to hopefully stop further leaks. Really though should plant trees tomorrow so they are outside. There aren’t doing so well in my tin.


So as a joke and trying to decided on what to draw for my scenery the first one is of looking at the mountains when it is snowing really hard.


Work has been a couple of short days. Yesterday in charge of the hot side and was trying to get most of the grab and goes done and then onto the burrito bar since it was all cleaned out. Today I was actually assigned cold and didn’t realize but since Mariah doesn’t really know how to set it up at least I got that part done for her. Then it was trying to put away the Sysco order and then the meat and cheeses that came in which was good since I had very little to work with for the Grab and Goes. Though being stuck on the cold side I still seem to have to take care of the hot case as well. Some days you just have to both.


So going go talk to the bishop tomorrow night. Fun times confessing I’m failing at life to someone else. So added more stuff to bonanza. And always gofundme.


April 1, 1996. Monday-Coming home from the trip. April Fools. No fools on the bus. Lie!

April 1, 1997, Tuesday-April Fools. No jokes. For mutual we made a wall hanging.

Emily Tomlin March 26, 2017

Emily Tomlin

Emily Tomlin-Four hour work day. So nice, not! So some one decided that they were only scheduling two closers today. So literally trying to get dishes done before 7 so they wouldn’t have to really worry about that part. At least got all the big kitchen stuff done. But the whole burrito bar had to be tossed so that added more to the dishes then usual. Though I got through most of them so that Kevin could help with the other cleaning up as well. Crazy. Now on to two days of 8:15-2 and 8:15-2:15. Weird days plus broke down and got an appointment to see the bishop and see what kind of help I can get. At least two weeks of food.



March 31, 1996, Sunday-On the trip.

March 31, 1997, Monday-Last day of the month. Didn’t do much. Had no school. I have a cold. I watched Sea Quest today.



Luci Kischel March 25, 2017

Luci Kischel

Luci Kischel-Morning Shift today. Starts off normal with trying to get grab and goes out. With the missing meat and just trying to find and cut it. Then helping Mindy get the burrito bar and sandwich bar up and going. Then it was hold the fort down as we get our lunch rush. They seemed to come in herds today. Be dead so you think you can get something done then they are all there. But over all it was a good day. Much easier to Work when Lesa isn’t around. And Mindy is fun to work with. Now to brace for the fall out. next two weeks I’ll only be getting 20 hours. I’m not going tot survive this very well, but nothing I can really do about it.


Izzie’s tests came back clean. So our peeing problem is behavioral. Ugh trying to convince her not to go on my stuff or carpet is going to be so fun. Really need to just rip up the carpet in the sunroom and then do the steamer again in the living room. Then get another litter box up stairs I think may help. Then time to figure out this new diet plan for the cats. Just not sure how I am going to afford it. Hard enough paying for the weekly cat food I have to get them now. And figure out a way for the outside cats. And then a enclosed outside pen for them to play in that’s better than the one I made, plus its falling apart so time to upgrade.


March 30, 1996, Saturday-On the trip.

March 30, 1997, Sunday-Came home from Logan yesterday at 5:30 pm, Had Fun. Went to church, Easter bunny came. Got 4 marshmallow bunnies, Raisinetes, 100 Grand, and chocolate bunny.

Paraweave USA March 24, 2017

Paraweave USA

Paraweave USA-So lazy day off again. Totally not doing well in getting stuff done. One more day off this week, maybe. Then my great 20.5 hour week next. Really need to get my act together and do something. So decided I don’t care anymore and the carpet is coming up in the sun room. I’ll just move one of my rugs in here to give something better to walk on until I can sand down the floors and epoxy them. The carpet has a permanent smell of urine and it is driving me nutz. Still not sure how I’m not going to be come homeless but might as well do something to improve this house just incase I manage to ward off that one issue.

So tomorrow is a morning shift which still odd since I’ll be working the same schedule as Mindy. Guess I’ll rock the cold side. Really need to work that side more and get more comfortable with it. Maybe I’ll be assigned something easy so I can hide in the back and make it.


Dinner no laundry- though I did get all my recyclables out to the trash and changed out two litter boxes. Always nice to have fresh stuff. Need to really get so cement and fix my post for my gate so it will stay up then breaking down wood. Having a little offering to the fire gods and get rid of some of the extra stuff sitting around outside. And then it’s hitting the shed and actually getting rid of stuff. Figuring out how to get the new door on the one section and changing a panel so that the old door can removed and I can have a functional card shed and storage area outside. Figure out whether to keep the railroad ties or get rid of them. Really would like to make the covered outdoor sitting area but not sure if I have the money since I would have hire someone to help me.



March 29, 1996, Friday 4:08 am-The big trip. See ya Elko. Here we go. I’m wide awake even when I only got five or six hours of sleep. Still nervous. Dad says I have to be there at 4:30, so we will be leaving soon (4:20 to leave) Won’t be home until Monday.

Karan Bryant March 23, 2017

Karan Bryant

Karan Bryant- Closing shift today. Was a tad busy when I got there. And had to help finish some stuff up for the Burrito Bar. Then Lunch with trying to make yogurt cups, then dishes and we had a ton. Also the cook was a tad late in getting all the kitchen stuff done and over to me so those were actually last done tonight. But still managed to finish it all before 8:15 pm. I didn’t think I’d make it but steamed through it. Then a tad early so we sort of recovered an aisle for food. Also the whole must stop working at exactly a certain time is so stupid. I understand time but sometimes just because the clock says one thing doesn’t mean you drop everything and run. Esp. when trying to help people out. At least find a good place to stop and that’s not right in the middle of a section. For someone who likes to talk about his experiences of working in everything you would think he’d have a tad common sense.


There is this barky dog outside. Its really annoying. And the visitor is back. The smell is so weird. Kind of a bad perfume smell. Gives me an instant headache.

Another day off tomorrow, so in between cleaning house. I’m going to be adding more stuff to Bonanza. So keep watching it maybe something you have to have will pop up and you can help me out.

Plus how does one get people to donate their money? They do it for the random stuff but I can’t seem to get anyone to help with me not becoming homeless.


March 27. 1996, Wednesday-Almost the big trip. I don’t have homework yet. English we are taking notes, S.S we are going to study for the test, either Monday or Tuesday, Science we are doing a project, Math she won’t give me an assignment until tomorrow, Spanish she is giving my work tomorrow, P.E. I don’t have to do anything for, and band I just have to practice my horn. All this week I’ve been so nervous about this trip that I can’t sleep. Tomorrow will be worse.

Queen of Snapshot March 22, 2017

Queen of Snapshot

Queen of Snapshot-So pretty lazy day. Got up at 8 am to drop Izzie off at the vet for her teeth cleaning. Then it was back to bed for me. Rolled out about 1 pm to do a house/yard cleaning. And then at 4 went and picked Izzie back up. Luckily no teeth were pulled, but did have to pay $63 for antibiotics that I know have to get her take. No Fun. Every Twelve hours trying to convince a cat she wants to swallow a pill. Probably have to play the trick her game.


So my add on Facebook ended with 11 interactions but 0 donations. Really not much help. Still need $1000 for mortgage so I can keep my house. Not sure how in the world to get. That and help with getting the right food for the cats. $50 for a case of 24 cans. Which should last a month. And then dry food and treats. ugh I just don’t know how I’m going to do all this on 20 hours a week and pay off a debt or two.

Going to get back on Tupperware here in the next week. If I can push that I’m hoping I can make it work somewhat as a second income. Maybe.


So keep hoping to pay the mortgage. Then I’m ripping the carpet up out of the sunroom. First order of business in doing some home improvement. But first have insure I keep the house. Oh need to plant some trees since the weather is slightly improving. Don’t have the best green thumb but hoping maybe if I catch the spring rains they will have a good start. Also need to get grass killer and spray down my rocks the grass is trying to sneak through. And then the goal of getting a little more money need to upgrade the siding on the house and figure out a better drainage system next to the house so my siding doesn’t rust through again. And onto a roof. Really was hoping to take a tree but probably won’t happen.


March 25, 1997, Tuesday-Went to mutual. Learned about (its crossed out)? (Find out how spell it later) which I guess I never did since its still crossed out.



Sherrie Saunders March 21, 2017

Sherrie Saunders

Sherrie Saunders-Izzie is going to the dentist tomorrow. LOL hopefully just for a cleaning. If they have to pull teeth you will find us on the street corner next to Albertsons with a cardboard sign begging for money to pay the vet.


So closing shift today. Was an interesting day as in two call outs so I guess the morning was a bit crazy and then in getting there and having to run the floor almost alone again. Love these days. Though we were all ball. And didn’t have to wash dishes. Got done early that we did the food scavenger hunt. Which means I sort of get help then they disappear and I put as much as I can away by myself. Though Isaac was a good sport and helped some. But Patrick disappeared after sending him to put candy away. Seriously, I’m not good enough company since I actually make him work instead of follow me around and talk my ear off. I swear that guy doesn’t know how to shut up.

So random comments:

Complaint about there is no way to get from produce to the meat department without going through the liquor department. And that they would never go into a liquor store nor take their grandkids through a liquor store neither. Which makes no sense. One if you don’t like that stuff go the other direction which takes you past the deli, cheese, and bakery. And other its like one aisle and in a blink of an eye you are past the beer.

And the other one was someone who has been going to this store for like 20 years. And they hate the remodel because they can’t find anything. The layout actually makes sense if you stop and actually take the time to understand it but people don’t. Then it when on to say the organic is mixed among the regular, not really but still, and the cheese is to hard to get too. The doors on the milk section are flimsy and they are afraid they will break them and the onions are like in 6 different places. Oh and the lines are crazy and front end people don’t care. And cashiers don’t know anything (which are true since most are new and bagging isn’t covered in cashier classes and some days grapefruit looks like oranges.) And that we added more self check out lanes which means the customer has learn how to run them each time they come in, instead of 1 cashier is taught once and that’s it. And that Albertsons has taken all theirs out. So FYI if you walk over to self check out you can ask the clerk there to help you or to ring your stuff up for you, that way you don’t have to follow instructions and do it yourself.

Don’t forget to check these out: and


March 24, 1996, Sunday-Went to church, had another talk on how we should not tell people that they aren’t living the commandments.

March 24, 1997, Monday-Passed off another thing on my personal progress today. (In other journal). Had Family Home Evening.


Jennifer Mason March 20, 2017

Jennifer Mason

Jennifer Mason-Oh the perfume smell just passed through again. Apparently I have a new visitor. And she’s in the same room as me, because it even got a tad colder all of the sudden. Ugh. Can stand the creepy ghosts watching me since there is one in my bedroom, but the smell of this one makes me sick and get a headache. No fun.

Work was 8-5 shift today which was odd that I had the same shift as Mindy. Usually I get morning shifts when she doesn’t work so I can take care of the Burrito Bar. So it was cold case for me and trying to get 12 weekenders done while taking care of customers. So mastered 5 sliced meat and cheeses, 4 cubed meat and cheeses, and 3 lovely veggies trays. I’m rather slow at doing them since I usually don’t make them but got them done. And then by that time others have arrived so I was working on making the Burrito bar look better since someone bought over $30 worth and then lunch. More people arrived after lunch so I just caught up on dishes and sort of cleaned the back for the closers. Just trying to make someone’s job easier, hopefully.

And then it was home and a long nap, since I didn’t sleep last night. Weirdly I even to sleep aide and it didn’t help. I’ll take another one here in a moment and head back to bed. Just luckily I have a closing shift so I don’t have to wake up too early. And they will have food in the back so don’t have to worry about making a lunch…


So my ebay stuff is all ending going have to maybe find more stuff to put on there since I’m only getting 20 hours next week. Not sure I just don’t seem to have a ton of luck making money on there. Also hopefully get back to selling Tupperware by the end of this month. So if you want something let me know. Plus check out have been adding new stuff and few items have been marked down. Everything I make right now is going to help with the mortgage and Izzie vet bill. (though Mortgage first since I won’t be getting the hours to pay for it) Also That really is going to my mortgage. So struggling here so anything will help.

Also if you have a charity or a site you’d like me to mention on here let me know. So would like to help others out when and where I can.


March 23, 1996, Saturday-I’m packing for the trip. I always get a little nervous going away from home without my family, I cant sleep on the bus even if I try. Today went fine. Mom and Dad went to the temple and didn’t get back until 6:57. Jonathan and I had a water fight. We both got soaked.

March 23, 1997, Sunday-Only 4 days in this week. Going to Logan Thursday with Mom and Dad. Went to church today.