Patsy Maire Franks April 23, 2017

Patsy Maire Franks

Patsy Maire Franks-Someone just shoot me. So gave myself 6 months to figure my shit out. Ugh don’t know. Afraid of change? More like don’t want to start on the bottom of the totem pole and have to work my way back up. Also year evaul today, not as good as I would get on the front end. Must stay focused, busy, and smile and talk to people. Which means I need to learn to be comfortable on both sides of the deli. I’m fine on the hot case have that down, not so sure on the cold. Salads aren’t bad, but meat I’m not good at recommending. And selling it, basic stuff sure the rest not so much. Ask questions learn. And learn to have better confidence in myself.

Now financially crap. Really, really screwed on this one. Need to get out of debt. Bug relief would be taken off my shoulders. Than this house. I really don’t want to go back to renting. Really you can’t get a 2 bedroom for $461 and cats. What to do? What to do? (¬†Working on putting stuff together for a yard sale. Got to get money to pay mortgage. 5 months behind and in need to catch up and have extra just to survive. 2 more years. Wanted to own for 5 that was my goal, I have 2 more years to do that.

Also took in another cat, shhh. It’s a secret. He’s a big old Siamese male. My friends just couldn’t take him with them to their place. $250 is kind of ridiculous for pet deposit. He’s a nice old man, my cats are crazy cats.


Just s feel like failing at life. And tonight’s conversation with my parents went over so well. Six months… I don’t know what I really am doing.


April 8, 1996, Monday-Moon’s Day

April 8, 1997, Tuesday-Played softball out in the cold for PE. For mutual we had to blow a feather half way down the gym and back. Get over a stick without using anything inn the room and I was thrown over it 2 times. Carry everyone on a rug. And walk on 3 wood to get to one side of parking lot from the other.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

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