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Avery Lillian April 19, 2017

Avery Lillian

Avery Lillian-Oh what a day. Definitely more like a Monday today than yesterday. And I had to deal with Patrick all yesterday. Need to figure out why I’m so tired. I swear I sleep more than I am a wake. Partly I think I’m falling into depressed state since I can’t seem to figure out how to get myself a little relief. But Four days off in a row, I should be able to get this darn paperwork off. Hopefully that will give some relief and then I’m going to go through my stuff and work on yard selling it off so hopefully that will get me enough to bring one bank account out of the red and pay off what I do owe on the mortgage. But the whole get out of debt not just don’t see any hope with that right now.


Listening to the wind outside. Been a couple days of gloomy weather and rain. www.gofundme.com/new-year-resolution



April 7, 1996, Sunday-Sun’s Day. General Conference. On 60 minutes tey had a section on mormanize. Easter Bunny came. Left me 3 marshmallow chicks, 5 three musketeers, perfume, bath oil, bath gel, pillow case with Young Women Values on it, and water colors. Dad’s Birthday is coming up.

April 7, 1997, Monday-Chris is leaving for Florida tomorrow for Robotics.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.