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Rachel Nyamoko June 8, 2017

Rachel Nyamoko

Rachel Nyamoko-Should be going to bed but not very tired. Oh well every night that I have to opening cook the next day I usually don’t make it to bed until 2 am. Which gives me about 3 hours of sleep before I wake up and have to walk to work. Need to move stuff downstairs so I can get to my air conditioning unit. I am so melting just from sitting here.

So kind of missed a lot. Just got too stressed about everything and just didn’t want to write about it.  Life is still rocky and I so want to be done with debt. But still plucking along. Applied for another 40 hour position in the deli. Actually haven’t told many people since I still don’t have much confidence in myself to actually do well enough in the interview to get the job. So wish…


So my Facebook wedding is coming up. June 11, Sunday. Lol. Going to throw a wedding party that night. Actually more like roasting hot dogs and just goofing off. But have some fun. Then its off to planning another yard sale since the last one sucked. Made $3 off of it. But still need to do something with all my junk that is now sitting in the basement. And starting to plot out stuff that I can do to my house to make it better.

No Blast from the past tonight. I don’t want to move right now….

www.gofundme.comnew-year-resolution still looking for help. Every donation will go to my mortgage that I owe. Just need $2000. And then I can take one thing off my shoulder.

Or help me with debt by sending money to www.paypal.me/RebekahMoss

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Hadar May 11, 2017


Hadar-Not sure what to write about…. Cleaned house a little today. At least the living room is a little better. Got more stuff ready for yard sale. Which I set a date for May 25.  Not going to be very big but hopefully I can sell everything so I’d have a tad more money for the mortgage… Priced checked all my baseball cards, yeah don’t have any big dollar ones. So will try to sell them at the yard sale as well. Realized in two weeks I have morning cooking hours. Eeck I haven’t really been in charge of cooking only sort of helping out every once in awhile. And not really good at getting things out on time. Hopefully we will have one operating oven.


Dead Cat. He’s getting a little more social, but still need to find him a home. Though luckily food and litter comes tomorrow.

www.gofundme.com/new-year-resolution was kind of joking about changing my gofundme account to $53,000 and just putting it all towards paying off the mortgage. Then when I own my house I can work on paying off the other debt. Just wish I could figure out something. I know I didn’t get the 40 hour job even though I am pulling off getting more hours each week. Just don’t know, what to do anymore.


April 13, 1997, Sunday-Went to church today. Next Sunday the prophet is coming down for Regional Conference.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

Avery Lillian April 19, 2017

Avery Lillian

Avery Lillian-Oh what a day. Definitely more like a Monday today than yesterday. And I had to deal with Patrick all yesterday. Need to figure out why I’m so tired. I swear I sleep more than I am a wake. Partly I think I’m falling into depressed state since I can’t seem to figure out how to get myself a little relief. But Four days off in a row, I should be able to get this darn paperwork off. Hopefully that will give some relief and then I’m going to go through my stuff and work on yard selling it off so hopefully that will get me enough to bring one bank account out of the red and pay off what I do owe on the mortgage. But the whole get out of debt not just don’t see any hope with that right now.


Listening to the wind outside. Been a couple days of gloomy weather and rain. www.gofundme.com/new-year-resolution



April 7, 1996, Sunday-Sun’s Day. General Conference. On 60 minutes tey had a section on mormanize. Easter Bunny came. Left me 3 marshmallow chicks, 5 three musketeers, perfume, bath oil, bath gel, pillow case with Young Women Values on it, and water colors. Dad’s Birthday is coming up.

April 7, 1997, Monday-Chris is leaving for Florida tomorrow for Robotics.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

Frank Alvarez April 7, 2017

Frank Alvarez

Frank Alvarez-Yeah not doing so well in keeping up with this blog. Trying to go to bed early now. Setting my clock hopefully back a little. Getting ready to start walking again to and from work. Just need the weather to play nice.


Tomorrow I get to play in the cheese section. Kind of scared but excited. We will see how it goes since we are expecting visitors. And its a holiday coming up.  Hopefully I do ok.


Still could use help. www.gofundme.com/new-year-resolution


April 4, 1996. Thursday-Thor’s Day

April 4, 1997, Friday-Mom & Dad left at 4 am this morning and came home at 5 pm from Salt Lake City. It snowed today.

April 5, 1996, Friday-Frigg’s Day

April 5, 1997, Saturday-Watched General Conference today.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

Fundraising Exposure February 21, 017

Fundraising Exposure

Fundraising Exposure- Haven’t been slacking on blogging just was trying to sew up some more stuff to sell on ebay. It takes me all night to do one project. First I had to figure out how to make something with making my own pattern and last night was working on the first bear.

Exposure Exposure Exposure

Oops the bear is on ebay now. The other one I need to figure out a closure for it. But both came out quite nicely. I have an 8 to 5 tomorrow so not going to work on sewing tonight. but try again tomorrow. Hopefully a miracle will happen and I can sell some handmade stuff.

Also add some plates. All starting bids are 99 cents. Do charge shipping when I start that low just so I’m actually earning some money if it just goes at 99 cents.

Exposure Exposure

So figure everything on ebay will go mortgage. And that’s where I’m hoping for a miracle, need $800 this month. And everything sold off of bonanza will go paying off debt. (roughly $10,000). So still share check out the sites. Won’t be able to do this without help from other people.

As well I put back my gofundme at $10,000. I need stuff to even be able to take Izzie to the vet. Too much stress and not enough ideas where I can get money. I’ve tried them all. Joined affiliates, survey sites, boost websites sites. I’m just not making it. And so need out of this mess. I’m tired of not being to do anything nor help out my friends.


February 15, 1997

Saturday-Today Sue came. Cleaned every corner of the house. Jonathan and I had another argument. He wanted on the computer while I was on it.. when I didn’t let him on he came upstairs and watched the movie I wanted to watch. I couldn’t watch any place else because the vcr downstairs doesn’t work and I can’t use mom’s t.v. I wish he wouldn’t do that.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

Beautiful Lands February 9, 2017

Beautiful Lands

Beautiful Lands- Birthday Happy, Tom!


So I’ve decided that I am really failing at life. I can’t pay bills let alone have money for food nor get myself out of debt. Not sure what the crap to do anymore. Really wish money just would fall from the sky or even grow on a tree. Really could use that kind of miracle right now.

www.bonanza.com/booths/crazyfungus www.paypal.me/RebekahMoss Help me out and I’ll pay the gesture forward.

So worked Haba today. Not bad but there was a ton of freight which is still there. Got most of the candy done, missed some of the register stuff just because it’s a little difficult to get into them when its busy. Got some help, but could’ve used more. Well tried anyhow.

So went to get returns and there was over a half eaten cake. SO asked why it was returned. The cake was one that was ordered cake. And they put the wrong label on it. So they ordered a red velvet cake and it was clearly a red velvet cake. But the label said it was a chocolate cake so they ate it since it was all they had for the guests and returned what they didn’t eat because the label was wrong. Hmm and we wonder what is wrong with society.


February 1, 1997

Saturday 10:03 pm-Today Jonathan and I went over to Angela’s house. we got there about 10 o’clock and home 7 o’clock. Mom and Dad got home at 3:30 pm.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

Marion Malemayns Febuary 7, 2017

,Marion Malemayns

Marion Malemayns-Oh it definitely was a Monday. The ovens were out when I got there. Putting us all off by an hour. Day two and I still couldn’t get the burrito bar up by 11 am. One more day this week to fail on the time requirement. Also ended up having to prep it all and then round two of the chicken was so frozen that the green Verde it was marinating in had frozen. Hopefully someone will have better luck. At least its prepped and looks better.

Malemayns Malemayns Malemayns

The heat wave and rain is making my snow disappear. And the Monday crazies still hitting as I’m trying to make some more letters. That really hurt too trying to get that off. Hopefully a day off to relax and get some housework done.

So head over to Bonanza have four more letters done. Each letter hand painted and unique. Only $10 each. Help feed the kitties. They are starving.



January 29, 1996

Monday- I feel good about myself when I obey my parents. Fell on Ice this morning going to school. I bruised my tail bone again, my hand, and my It really hurts.

January 29, 1997

Wednesday 9:24 pm- Today at 4:30 pm Dad and Mom left to go to Logan. I’m waiting for Chris to come home. He’s has until 11:00 o’clock. Then he is in trouble.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

Lacey Kong January 20, 2017

Lacey Kong

Lacey Kong, day off so slept until I couldn’t then been having a rather lazy day. Tomorrow I’ll work on cleaning house and making stuff. Though I did add new stuff to Café Press. Go check it out! http://www.cafepress.com/admin_cp12975597. Also I’ve lost my touch in scaring off the missionaries. But I have their cell number. LOL only guys that have ever asked me for my phone number.

Kong Kong Kong Kong

Also had the pizza guy show up, wrong address since neither of us on my side of the street has our numbers displayed where people can see them. Dang too bad. Pizza would’ve been nice.Kong

Me trying to draw a dragon eating French fries. Not sure what it is but definitely not a dragon. Should finish its wings just to add to the horror.

Check This Out!

So four new designs in Café Press. Working on my dragon themes. Plus kitty has her own line of stuff. Cats sell right?

Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/282319597417?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649 a little crocodile hunter stuff.

Bonanza: http://www.bonanza.com/listings/Pogs-33-Assorted-Series-II/432402990

Haven’t done so well on ebid so pausing for a moment. Also selling down on ebay. Trying to focus on one selling site. And Bonanza does advertising for me and its a set price instead of bids. So that’s the one I’m sticking too for now.

Also did a new cyber beg. Basically standing on the corner with a cardboard sign asking for hand outs. Maybe a little money will come in. Or just a ton of scam stuff. Trying everything right now to keep my sanity.


January 14, 1997

Tuesday-We had mutual toady. We learned about missions. Like companions, what missionaries do, and teaching. Yesterday I watched Phenomon with Dad and Mom. My second time. Got a letter from Kristy Reece. It has been a long time I’ve received one from her.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

Francis Ng January 18, 2007

Francis Ng

Francis Ng, So refigured my money and once again it comes up with if I can get out of debt I could live off the 20 hours I’m guaranteed and not worry too much. Of course I wouldn’t be able to put any away for savings, but I wouldn’t be stressed about money and work so much. But to figure out a way to get my but out of debt is a struggle.

Ng Ng NG Ng

So had a little birthday celebration for two of my favorite peoples. Andiy and Trina even though it was a tad early for both of them we decided to go for some sushi. Quite fun.

Check This Out

Check This out: Of course go into my bonanza and pick something up. Everything under $20. www.bonanza.com/booths/crazyfungus

Just added some new stuff to ebay. Starting bid 99 cents. If you remember back around the 1994 the big thing was collecting Pogs. I have some up for sell to add to your collections. http://www.ebay.com/itm/282330943638?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

Ebid: 20 hours left to add this to your collection: http://www.ebid.net/us/for-sale/mrs-butterworth-glass-syrup-bottle-153710886.htm

Awesome deals on everything!


January 10, 1997

Friday: Mom and Dad has left to go to Portland and won’t be back until Sunday evening. I curled my hair this morning not that many people noticed but I liked it while it lasted. In P.E. I went crazy. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was like I was sniffing laughing gas in art and it took effect in P.E.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.

PBteen January 14, 2017


PBteen– so I went through everyone I’m following and then some. So all my twitter followers now get to be titles to my posts. So starting at the beginning. Not sure why a company decided to follow me, but they be the first ones too. Also really awesome stuff. I still love the colors and stuff they offer even if its marketed towards teens and collage kids. Colors are awesome.


Check This Out

So my feature stuff: So Ebid Way below what these cost me Check out this Necklace. http://www.ebid.net/us/for-sale/pretty-pearl-necklace-and-little-butterfly-earrings-153252859.htm

And bonanza if I just sale everything on here I can so pay down one debt. Come on share the crap out of this so I can get my goal accomplished this year! There is also nothing over $15 on this site. Makes it more awesome that everything is less than $20! http://www.bonanza.com/listings/Tupperware-TupperToys-Build-N-Play-Train/417481029

PBteen PBteen

I think the rug is cat approved. Now hoping someone else doesn’t decide to pee on the bigger one downstairs. Really need to get two more of the outlet cat stuff and more spray stuff, but $22 each is kind past my budget right now. ugh really need to figure out money soon. I can’t even buy Thin Mints again this year. Don’t ever go into credit card debt or any debt that can be avoided or life can suck rather badly.


January 4, 1997

Saturday-Today Mom, Jonathan, and I came back from Logan. We left Wednesday. We took the t.v. with us and watched the whole time we were there. Thursday we got milkshakes mine was peanut butter and Jonathan was Butterscotch, they were O.K. coming home, for lunch we had pizza (pineapple and pepperoni), crazy bread, and melted creamies. It took us six hours to get home.

Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.