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Lonely April 26, 2017


Lonely-https://www.ebid.net/us/for-sale/fairytail-poster-16-1-2-x11-1-2-f-156519379.htm new stuff to bid on!


Kind of a lazy day today. Since the clouds stayed for most of the day  I didn’t dare mow the lawn or spray the weeds. Kind of need a better day for both of those. But need one soon or the front will be in really bad shape. Also should be getting plants for the garden. So today I actually sat down and read. Haven’t done that in a while. Finished the last one of this series. Wicthes Winds of Salem by Melissa De La Cruz Now to find other books to read.



April 10, 1996, Wednesday-Woden’s Day

April 10, 1997, Thursday-Normal Day

April 11, 1996, Thursday-Thor’s Day. Dad’s Birthday

April 11, 1997, Friday-Dad’s Birthday.

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Caroline Petitjean March 14, 2017

Caroline Petitjean

Caroline Petitjean-Awesome Monday. So had to put all new fresh in the burrito bar. Was out of cheese which was random, pico, Queso, Pineapple pico, the chicken was stuff they had gotten out of the meat department  and the steak was nice bite size pieces. Crazy Day. For some reason there is only like 3 of us running during the day which makes us have no down time. So can’t even catch up with anything. And to even prep for the burrito bar I had to go “hunting” in the day. It’s so nice to be in charge of things you have no clue what you are doing.

It was a day for chicken. Literally as soon as we got fried or baked it was gone again. Couldn’t keep that in. Just a random day at work. Doesn’t help that I didn’t sleep and the cramps are still going. Ugh and I was dehydrated. First time since moving departments I had to take a couple minutes and just get a glass of cold water. Though need to start prepping myself and start walking to and from work. The weather seems to be staying pretty nice and snow now really isn’t sticking. Also going have to start working on the city creak trails and get myself in better shape so maybe I can do one all week hike one of these days with my brother and sister-in-law.

Check this out

petitjean petitjean

Added more stuff to ebid.net plus two days left to get some stuff. https://www.ebid.net/us/for-sale/the-world-book-science-annual-science-year-1969-156047527.htm

Going to work on putting more stuff that I’ve tried on ebay on there. These next few days so keep looking back. Lots of great buys. Plus don’t forget to go over and check out Bonanza www.bonanza.com/booths/crazyfungus all sells right now are going to pay my mortgage. Anything will be greatly be appreciated. And if I can make over the $1000 owed on mortgage, I’ll pay it forward. I’d love to get out of debt so I can actually help friends that are struggling as well. (www.gofundme.com/new-year-resolution,Paypal.me)


March 17, 1996, Sunday-Holy ghost can help me make good choices by giving prompting on which way to choose. He can have a word or article stand out of church magazine or the scriptures. He can prompt some one to help me or to say something to make me feel better. Today in church, Sister Francsen got up and talked about how we should watch what we say because we might hurt some ones feelings. I felt bad for the people because I know how they feel.

March 17, 1997, Monday-Family Home evening, didn’t do my activity.

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Sean Donohoe March 13, 2017

Sean Donohoe

Sean Donohoe-164 Followers and I can’t get a single one of them to help me out. Really need to get a better fan following.  Over $1000 owe for mortgage and need to pay by the 17th and n clue on how I’m going to do that. www.gofundme.com/new-year-resolution Taking a cat into the vet on Thursday not sure how we are paying for that. And she really could use for a teeth cleaning but we can’t afford that so slacking there. I just need a miracle and so not getting one. Guess didn’t throw the right coin in the wishing well. Also hit a button wrong on ebid.net and now can’t add anymore bid items on there.  https://www.ebid.net/us/for-sale/black-and-multi-colored-stationary-folder-155953093.htm Can’t get any takers for bonanza. www.bonanza.com/booths/crazyfungus I have no luck so the lottery won’t do me any good. Really at a lose at how I am just going to survive all of this.

And then work. I’m trained to cook yet when they need one they just plain ignore the fact that I can do it. Whatever. I broke my record today, got all the dishes done by 8 pm. Even gagged through the hot sauce mess. Great way to open up your sinuses. Now kind of morning day tomorrow. then a closing shift. Then three days off to figure out bears and adding more stuff to sell. Need to get more clothes on the poshmark and see if I can sell anything there. Was thinking I should just start making random art and selling it. It would probably do as well as all my other junk.

Also want to start some home improvement stuff. Got some pallets that I want to do some stuff with. Need to figure out paying someone to do siding and the roof. Though those may only come if I can forestall foreclosure. So many stuff so little money. Can’t buy food not sure how I expect to do all this other stuff.


March 15, 1997, Saturday-Today I didn’t do much. I started working on my castle again.

March 16, 1997, Sunday-Went to church today. Mom is leasing Handmade Treasure. She always wanted her own store. Now she got it,

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Kerstin March 12, 2017


Kerstin-Morty is being mad at me since I won’t pay attention to him. Though he got lots of attention today from my Visiting Teachers. Also really need to work on getting my house address on the front of the deck. It is really impossible to see them where they are….

So really need help with mortgage. Please gofundme, or check out Bonanza and support me by buying something.

I also add a few more things onto ebid.net before I broke it. Will add more once I figure out how to fix the problem.






March 13, 1997, Thursday- A normal day. Going to the new gym tomorrow. Then back to the old Monday, and then to the new gym Tuesday. Then back to normal Wednesday.

March 14, 1997, Friday-Last day of the week. We had an assembly with loud music and bright lights. It was boring.


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Fran March 11, 2017


Fran-Adding more stuff to ebid.net hoping this will work better. At least fee wise it should be better. Still killer-I owe over $1000 on my mortgage and I have almost that amount on bonanza for sell yet still can’t get any takers. I could pay my mortgage and pretty much wipe out another debt. Only if I could get the sells.

Bonus of having a new number-no more debt collectors calling. or any of the other weird random junk numbers. Though need to get back on the do not call list. But very nice and quite morning. Though do need to slowly remember who all I need to give my new number to.

Fran Fran

Tomorrow morning I have Visiting Teachers coming. 1st time in about a year house is somewhat clean. Just as long as no one pees anywhere other them the litter box I should be good. Though need to get another seat in the living room…

Couch really need to trade old one for a smaller love seat… But money isn’t very fun right now. Really need to work on sewing tomorrow…


March11, 1997, Tuesday 9:02 pm-Went mutual. Played volleyball. The Robotic meeting just got finished. Starting morning showers tomorrow.

March 12, 1997, Wednesday-Went to piano lessons. We are starting to register for our classes we want next year. My chin has a really big bruise on it because a ball was kicked in my face.

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Rosabella Kim-March 10, 2017

Rosabella Kim

Rosabella Kim-So went to T-Mobile today to try and figure some stuff out about my phone and maybe plans. And end up getting another plan and a new phone number. I’m now an Idahoan with an Idaho number. Yay! me for upgrading. Now to figure out how to pay $300 for any phones that I may owe for and then pay the parents back for all the other crap someone thinks I owe them.

But first I must figure out how to pay 4 months of mortgage so they won’t foreclose on me and I can get my life under control. Still trying to sell shit. Bonanza and ebid.net.

Kim Kim Kim

Laundry day. Fun for lunch and dinner with Andiy.


Fun snack tonight trying new fruit and playing with my food. Actually none of them were that bad, quite yummy.


March 10, 1997, Saturday-Had family home evening. Had ice cream and strawberries as a snack and watched Space Jam the movie.

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