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Eugene Vaniderstine April 12, 2017

Eugene Vaniderstine

Eugene Vaniderstine-Slacker Slacker Slacker, So what I feel like today. Though did call and talk to my dad on his birthday about the only thing I’ve done right this day. Six years of working at Barrel of Monkey place.


So today at day I was behind all day. Couldn’t get the grab and goes out… Actually never really got them all out until 3 pm. Lol crazy. Barely slide the burrito bar pretty much out at 11 and only because Will actually started hauling out my stuff in the warmer, but still was trying to set up and make some for customers. Felt like I ran all day and never caught up or finished what I started. And I was called in as well.



April 6, 1996, Saturday-Saturn’s Day General Conference. Yesterday got home from our trip to Crater of the Moon. All trails but one was snowed in. We stayed the night then came home. TOMORROW: Easter.

April 6, 1997, Sunday-General Conference. We taped Legacy.


Rebekah Moss. Cat enthuses, creative guru, and deli ass. at Fred Meyers.