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Roberto April 29, 2017


Roberto-No word yet on the job. Not really sure I got it. I mean I need it but I think there are some more qualified people who applied. www.gofundme.com/new-year-resolution¬†Weather doesn’t look like its going to be nice enough to do a yard sale. I may need to break down and just do a online one to see if I can get some money.


Need to get some more info to the Idaho housing. Going to be interesting trying to explain why some stuff were $0 since I have not been able to afford to pay for it that everything were basically gifted. Geez really need to figure out money and what I really want to do with this house. Not that I could find myself something I can afford with cats.



April 12, 1997, Saturday-Angela came over we worked on our story. We have a few funny parts. You should read it. Next weekend Aunt Jan is bringing her family down, Finally! Grandma Taylor is going to have surgery.

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